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So hey, you know how a lot of people hate Farrah Abraham? How they think she’s one of the worst humans of all time and she should be kicked off Teen Mom (and perhaps also the planet) forever?

Here’s why.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham
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Farrah gets more hate than other Teen Mom train wrecks like Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood because she has literally never been likable.

She’s always been abrasive and rude and self-centered, and it seems like all that gets worse every single day.

Remember when she told her mother that she wish she’d die already and then gifted her with a noose on Marriage Boot Camp?

Or how about the time that she plucked her daughter’s eyebrows when she was just a toddler?

And if those things don’t get you raging, then what about all the racism?

What we’re getting at is that Farrah is deeply terrible, and though it’s true that she clearly has issues and though we know she’s been through terrible things, it’s still not enough to excuse the kinds of things she’s been doing.

Like, pretty much nothing could excuse the way she just used her kid’s Twitter account to promote porn.

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OK, so that’s the tweet we’re talking about today.

It was published from Sophia’s official Twitter account yesterday afternoon, and as of now, it still hasn’t been deleted.

That first link, the Many Vids one, will take you directly to a porn site, and then the YouTube link leads to a preview of a little video Farrah did in which she applies lip gloss in a sensual way.

Thankfully someone with some sense went in and deleted the YouTube video — which, by the way, was posted on Farrah’s account and reposted on Sophia’s YouTube channel.

But the tweet itself remains.

Obviously this is terrible, right? Most of Sophia’s Twitter account consists of videos of toy reviews, posts about her children’s boutique, or Teen Mom retweets.

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To see just some straight up porn grouped in with all that is jarring, to say the least.

Her Twitter bio specifically says that "this account is solely owned and operated by an adult," but the fact remains that it’s Sophia’s online presence promoting porn.

It’s really pretty disgusting, and most of Twitter agreed.

"Don’t have your kids out here looking like this," one person replied to the tweet. "We all got our hustle but do this on your page. Keep your daughter safe and in a kids place. Who is this ad even for? It’s not a good look for you your daughter or porn."

"This…. This is disturbing," another person wrote. "I support what you do but I can’t support this. Sophia is a child and this shouldn’t be posted from her Twitter or YouTube. How inappropriate."

One of Many Vids’ very own cam girls also took issue with this, tweeting "This is a minors account and there is a link to a porn website? Really? Really? @ManyVids PLEASE do something about this. I work for you and don’t want to be associated with a minor."

These are all excellent points — this isn’t a good look, it is disturbing and inappropriate, and someone needs to do something about it, that’s for sure.

And hey, right now feels like as good a time as any to remind everyone that Farrah pulled Sophia out of school so she could be solely responsible for her education and development.

No wonder so many people despise her.