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Ever since the world learned that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child, speculation began about the timetable.

For numerous reasons, the theory that the now-20-year-old TLC star is lying about her date of conception has run rampant.

Joy Forsyth

The long and short of it, if you’ve been under a rock, is this:

– Joy says she got pregnant days after marrying Austin Forsyth.

– Fans believe she’s lying with the full support of her family.

Why would she lie? Because the Duggars strictly forbid just about all forms of physical contact prior to marriage, obviously.

The revelation that one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters got pregnant out of wedlock would obviously not go over well.

It would be hugely damaging to the family’s wholesome image (which has already taken a serious hit thanks to Josh Duggar).

Why would people think this is true, though?

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo

For one, Joy and Austin have already admitted breaking "courtship rules" in the months leading up to their 2017 marriage.

Now, the Duggar dating guidelines are so strict that that could mean anything – like they simply held hands for too long.

The real cause for suspicion came later:

When Joy announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photo, many fans voiced their opinion that she appeared to be pretty far along.

Keep in mind three-month, end-of-first-trimester point that she would have to be near if she got pregnant while married had just arrived.

And the photo above was how she looked.

Yes, women show differently, but that’s unlike a lot of 12-week baby bumps we’ve seen, and clearly we weren’t alone in that assessment.

Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Bump Update

The fact that she spent much of the past month avoiding the spotlight only seemed to lend further credence to the claims of deception.

Talk that she’s not being entirely truthful about the timeline of her pregnancy has intensified in large part because she’s let it.

Joy was then absent from the Duggars’ Thanksgiving photo, and she didn’t appear in any of the pics the family posted for Christmas.

Yesterday, she posted the above below to Instagram, along with her husband and a caption reading, "Christmas date night!"

It was, notably, the first picture she posted in which her midsection is visible since November 11. Check it out below …

Joy-Anna Duggar's Baby Bump

That’s a major break from Duggar tradition, as Joy’s older sisters thoroughly documented every step of their pregnancies on social media.

Naturally, fans were quick to put Joy’s latest photo under a microscope in order to determine if she’s any further along than she claims.

(Again, Joy claims she got pregnant in May, right after her wedding, and she’s stated that she’s expected to give birth in February.)

Radar had the photo examined by Dr. Sean Henry, a gynecologist and women’s health blogger, who, it should be noted, has not treated Joy.

“She looks like 32 weeks or so,” Dr. Henry tells the site.

That’s roughly two weeks further along than Joy claims.

Austin and Joy Forsyth

Can Dr. Henry really make such an exact determination simply by looking at a single photo of a person he hasn’t treated?

It’s a hard question to answer, and as such, it’s currently being very hotly debated amongst Duggar fans on social media.

This discussion likely won’t be resolved one way or another until Joy Duggar gives birth … and perhaps not even then.

If the baby comes in late February or early March, the joke will be on her critics, as nine-plus months would’ve elapsed.

If it arrives significantly prior to that? Let’s just say there will be no pregnant pause as far as the gossip is concerned.