Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Raises One Huge Question

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The speculation is over: Joy-Anna Duggar really is pregnant with her first child.

The 19-year old has confirmed this exciting piece of news herself, spilling a few details to People Magazine and leaving a lengthy comment on Instagram.

It's never exactly shocking when a member of the Duggar family announces she is expecting, but Joy-Anna is a teenager who only just got married in May.

We don't know exactly when Duggar is due, but Internet have a lot of questions over this pregnancy and whether Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth broke a major family rule in order to make their baby...

1. We'll Start with Her Announcement

We'll Start with Her Announcement
It was accompanied by this very sweet photo. And Joy-Anna did receive her fair share of congratulatory messages...

2. For Example:

For Example:
Say what you want about the elder Duggars, but their kids have all turned out pretty cute and stable so far, it's true.

3. Hooray!

The family would never have remained on TV for this long if it didn't have a dedicated and passionate base of fans out there.

4. Is There a Secret?

Is There a Secret?
Aside from having sex with no protection, that is?

5. I Don't Want to Be Rude, But...

I Don't Want to Be Rude, But...
Joy-Anna's appearance, combined with some basic math, has raised a few questions among some supporters.

6. Did We Say "Questions?"

Did We Say "Questions?"
We mean definitive statements from some who are convinced Joy-Anna and Austin got to know each other (down there!) prior to marriage.

7. Congrats? I Guess?

Congrats? I Guess?
Other comments on the Duggar Facebook page expressed shock at how quickly Joy-Anna got pregnant and how the couple will have basically no honeymoon period.

8. YAWN...

Some Internet users were simply unimpressed by the (non) news.

9. Already?!?

Yes, already.

10. Prayers Up!

Prayers Up!
A lot of folks are also sending prayers, but not necessarily in a nice way.

11. Do the Women Even Want This?

Do the Women Even Want This?
At such a young age? Immediately after marriage? Might there be considerable pressure from their parents?

12. More Sympathy

More Sympathy
There have been outcries over the years that the Duggars are run more like a cult than a family.

13. As We Were Saying...

As We Were Saying...
There's that dangerous "c" word again.

14. What Do YOU Think of the News?

What Do YOU Think of the News?
Should this be a joyous occasion? Or a disturbing one?

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