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If you watched last night’s episode of Counting On on TLC, then you know those Duggars were up to their old tricks.

(We highly recommend reading that last part in a Waylon Jennings Dukes of Hazzard voice for maximum effect.)

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo

Sorry we crack ourselves up. But seriously folks:

There was courtin’, there were road trips, and there were outlaws. Okay, not really, but there was some very mild rebellion …

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, newly-married Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child at the age of 19.

The news created a bit of a stir amongst Duggar fans, as she had only been married for three months at the time of the announcement.

Naturally, there was talk of a "shotgun wedding," and many fans were convinced that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth engaged in premarital sex.

Obviously, that’s a pretty big deal in a family that literally has rules about the length of time that non-married couples are allowed to hold hands.

Joy Forsyth

In the past, Joy and Austin admitted breaking courtship rules, a list of stringent guidelines established by their fundamentalist parents.

But they never specified exactly what that meant.

Finally, in a scene from last night’s episode, Austin broke down and confessed that prior to their marriage, he and Joy had stayed up all night …

… wait … wait for it … conversing.

Oh yes. He said:

“The only time that I can think of when I overstepped my bounds with my future father-in-law was probably staying up talking past curfew." 

"Just letting time slip past you and being in a good conversation," Forsyth lamented in an interview, "it’s really easy to do."

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth: Young Republicans

And that’s not all. There was physical contact.

“That and probably going over the three-second hug," he said of the maximum permitted side hugging duration. "That’s easy to do.”

Whoa. Pretty serious stuff right there.

Someone go to Web MD and let us know if four-second hugs can result in pregnancy? Our whole world is spinning right about now.

We’d do it ourselves, but we’re feeling entirely too shook right now. Everything we thought we knew about relationships, we’re questioning.

We kid, sorry. In all seriousness, it’s interesting – and curious – that Austin Forsyth felt the need to address this on the show.

Why go there at all unless …

Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Bump

Clearly, the Duggars are well aware of the rumors surrounding the newlyweds, so perhaps this was their way of clearing the air.

Of course, they probably think this will put the matter the rest, which leads us to believe they don’t spend much time on social media.

Nothing is ever put to rest.

Dancing around the topic with talk of modest rule-bending is only going to fuel the rumors, making followers wonder what else happened.

Similar to pregnancy updates that subtly hint at a due date in line with a wedding night conception, it raises more questions than answers.

As always, you can watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family and see if you can solve the mystery.