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Fact: Matt Baier is one of the most embarrassing people in the history of people.

Embarrassing, creepy, manipulative, gross … if it’s a negative adjective, there’s a solid chance it describes Matt.

Matt Baier in His Car
Photo via Instagram

We all saw how his relationship with Amber Portwood played out — how he reached out to her on Twitter right after she was released from prison, how he moved in immediately after meeting her for the first time.

We saw red flag after red flag, until eventually he was basically in control of her entire life.

She revealed that he was in charge of her bank account, of paying all her bills, and that at one point he even carried her license for her.

It was pretty alarming.

After a while though, Matt got a little too big for his Teen Mom-loving britches, and after stealing thousands of dollars from her, handing out drugs to her friends, and making sexual advances towards another woman, Amber cut him loose.

She dumped him in spectacular fashion over the summer, even threatening him with a lawsuit for the money she said he stole from her.

Matt Baier with Amber
Photo via MTV

That wasn’t the first time she slammed him publicly before taking him back — far from it — so we imagine Matt couldn’t have taken it very seriously.

But after that, Amber really was done, and she began dating Andrew Glennon to prove it.

And if just dating him wasn’t enough to show that she was done with Matt, she also got pregnant just a few weeks into the relationship, if that.

It would almost be enough to make you feel sorry for Matt, right? 

Almost, but not quite.

Matt has taken the opportunity to get some attention again by giving an interview all about Amber’s pregnancy news.

"Amber is a great mother," he said. "If this is what she wants then I’m extraordinarily happy for her and I wish them nothing but the best."

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic
Photo via Instagram

He also said that he’d be sending her a congratulatory text.

It was a sweet enough thing to say, and he deserves some credit for not being too weird about the whole situation.

But then he gave an additional interview about Farrah Abraham, and, well, he doesn’t get any credit anymore.

To give a little bit of background, just in case you’d blocked out this part of Matt’s sketchy history, he actually tried to seduce Farrah via Twitter before he settled for Amber.

He tweeted her messages like "I’m a big fan and u r very beautiful" and "Forget online dating. I’d be honored to take u out."

Somehow she managed to resist his obvious charms, and Matt moved on to Amber.

(Well, he tried Jenelle Evans next, and then moved on to Amber, but let’s not add insult to injury by pointing out that Amber was Matt’s third choice of Teen Moms.)

Amber on Teen Mom
Photo via MTV

He’s claimed that he never wrote those things to Farrah, that his friend tweeted the messages from his account, which … come on.

After Farrah saw that Amber was with Matt, she tried to call her and warn her that he’d been creeping all over the place, but Amber refused to listen to reason.

Later, Farrah said during a reunion show that Matt looked like a pedophile, Amber tried to fight her, and now they’re mortal enemies.

Matt supported Amber’s hatred of Farrah at the time, even dedicating much of his memoir to how awful she is, but he’s changed his tune now.

Speaking out about Farrah’s supposed firing from Teen Mom OG for her work in the porn industry, Matt defended her by saying that "Farrah and I have always had our differences, but what she does to support her child is her business."

"One thing I have always respected about Farrah is the fact that she works constantly. People may not agree with how she makes her money, but at least she is setting her family up for the future."

About MTV, he said the network "has a lot of balls passing moral judgment on anyone."

Farrah Abraham Topless in Bed

"It seems like their motto is ‘you can’t act stupid or do anything we deem immoral unless of course you do it on our show and it helps ratings.’ Total double standard and total hypocrites."

"Act as immoral as you want," he continued. "Just don’t do it outside the confines of the show. Keep the crazy in the house."

Uh … yeah? MTV has a reality show to make, is it really outrageous that they’d prefer any and all shenanigans to be shenanigans that can be put on Teen Mom?

Sure, it’s dumb to think they’d be cool with Jenelle’s heroin use and Amber’s domestic violence but not Farrah’s work in adult entertainment.

But if that’s where they draw the line, then that’s their decision.

And besides, Matt, no amount of sucking up in the press is going to get you in Farrah’s good graces. Stop.

See what we mean about how embarrassing this guy is?