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As far as we know, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not engaged yet.

But despite the lack of a ring on her finger, it seems Meghan is already feeling the pressure to conform to the royal rules of decorum.

Meghan Markle Image

Meghan is no stranger to being photographed on an almost-daily basis.

(When you’re the star of basic cable’s 6th highest-rated legal drama, you get accustomed to the spotlight.)

So in some ways, Markle has likely had an easier time than most with the difficult transition from civilian to royalty-in-training.

But there are some aspects of her new life that will likely present a challenge to the Suits star.

For example, the celebrated fashionista will now be strongly encouraged (read: forced) to follow a dress code of the Queen’s devising.

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Obviously, one can’t show up to royal engagements in a hot wing sauce-stained bowling shirt, a la John Goodman in the 1991 film classic King Ralph.

But the dress code goes beyond the prohibition of attire that signals to the audience that you’re a working-class guy who don’t know nothing ’bout this fancy royal stuff.

In fact, it seems the royals share at least one thing in common with reality TV’s most conservative clan, the Duggars:

Both the Queen and Jim Bob are firm believers that knees are for prayin’, not displayin’.

Meghan Markle Looking Gorgeous in a Photo
(Getty Images)

Yes, it seems Meghan’s days of shorts and above-the-knee skirts have come to an end.

According to Cosmo, Meghan has agreed to adhere to the royals’ strict "no knees" policy in her attire.

The rule is said to be the Queen’s invention, and while others in the family may find it a bit old-fashioned, for now at least, what QE2 says goes.

And it makes sense that Meghan wouldn’t offer any resistance.

After all, Markle needs the Queen’s approval in order to marry Harry, and fabric-covered knees are a small price to pay in exchange for a lifetime of being a freakin’ princess.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Invictus Games

Speaking of knees, many are wondering when Harry will get down on one.

Rumors of Harry proposing to Meghan have been circulating for about a year now, but there’s still no official news of an engagement from Buckingham Palace.

It’s possible that the couple is secretly engaged.

But it’s also possible that Meghan is growing increasingly impatient.

We don’t blame her. It would suck to shell out for a bunch of floor-length dresses for nothing.