Sia Releases Nude Photo For Awesome Reason

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If you're familiar with singer Sia's craeer and public persona, then you're probably aware that the 41-year-old Aussie doesn't exactly court the spotlight.

Quite the reverse, in fact, as she routinely conceals her face with outlandish wigs or paper bags when appearing in public.

Sia in Her Standard Outfit

But while Sia may prefer to remain hidden and keep the focus on her music, she proved today that she's willing to bare all in order to thwart criminals who seek to profit from invading her privacy.

It seems Sia caught wind of the fact that a secretive group was looking to sell several illicit photos taken by paparazzi while she was in a private residence.

Rather than allow these bastards to cash in on their crimes, she undercut their efforts by posting the images online for free.

“Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” Sia tweeted along with a link to the images.

Obviously, Sia shouldn't have had to take such drastic actions, but this is certainly a masterclass in turning a negative into a positive!

Sia Sings

She even snuck in a plug for her forthcoming holiday album, Everyday Is Christmas.

Sia handled the situation like a boss, but for many, the story is bringing to mind other instances in which public figures saw their privacy invaded by hackers in the most appalling fashion imaginable, the most notable of which may have been the so-called "Fappening" that took place in 2014.

Once again, the issue here is about consent.

Sia has posted nude photos in the past, but she did so of her own volition.

This time, her hand was forced, which makes what happened to her nothing less than a sex crime.

Sia With Her Performers

Astonishingly, in 2017 there are grown adults who believe that if a public figure has posted nude photos in the past, they're now considered fair game, and anyone in possession of additional explicit images can post them with impunity.

This makes about as much sense as arguing that because a woman has had sex before, she can't be raped.

Sexual assault in Hollywood has been in the news a lot lately, with many brave souls coming forward with shocking stories of abuse.

It's important to bear in mind that being publicly exposed against one's will can be a traumatizing experience that takes a lifelong toll on the victim--and the perpetrators of such misdeeds are criminals who must be brought to justice, just the same as Harvey Weinstein and his ilk.

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