Jinger Duggar Wears Ripped Jeans, Fans Go Ballistic

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From James Dean to Bob Dylan, America's iconic cultural rebels have long made a point of sporting jeans in their most famous photos.

But there's an upper-echelon of non-conformist for whom the mere donning of denim apparel does not constitute a sufficiently defiant middle finger to the khaki-clad establishment.

For these fashion freedom fighters, the stakes must be raised, the flesh must be bared--and the jeans must be ripped.

Jinger Duggar in Ripped Jeans

Move over, Sid Vicious, and take a seat, Springsteen. 

There's a new maverick in town, and she goes by the name of Jinger Duggar.

As you can see (if you look very closely), Jinger is wearing ripped jeans these days, and it's a very big deal.

In fact, given the rapid progression of her personal insurrection, we assume Jinger is just days away from smashing guitars, making crude gestures with bottles of Jack Daniel's, and telling frightened neighbors to "slag off."

Okay, we're obviously joking, but believe it or not, some fans are really freaking out over Jinger's latest fashion statement.

We suppose it shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given the fact that Duggar obsessives lost it when Jinger started wearing pants last winter.

Jinger Duggar: Ice Skating! In Pants!

But from the reaction to her latest act of sartorial defiance, you'd think the 23-year-old was sporting a non-Duggar approved swimsuit.

(Which would be any swimwear that doesn't look like something a mustachioed gent from the 1920s would wear in a steam room.)

The risqué photo was snapped by Jeremy Vuolo, who captioned his work:

“Trying my eye behind the lens (it helps having a beautiful subject)."

Despite the fact that we've already seen Jinger wear shorts, jeans, and above-the-knee skirts--all in defiance of her family's dress code--this latest style statement is being treated like Jinger's Sgt. Pepper's.

“So happy for her to decide on her own,” wrote one commenter.

Jinger Duggar in Nike

“Love the outfit! jeans suit you,” remarked another.

A third Instagram follower turned a teary eye to the future and dreamed of a day when Jinger would be permitted to put her Levi-clad extremities on display for a TV audience.

“I love her in jeans! Can’t wait to see her Jean outfits on the show hopefully," the capitalization-happy dreamer commented on the photo.

It's a nice thought, but we wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that day.

Jinger's decision to wear pants is still regarded by her parents as an act of open rebellion.

Jinger Duggar Shorts

So as long as Jim Bob continues to call the shots at TLC, we're guessing his family's reality show will remain a skirts-only zone.

But that's okay.

Fans of Jinger's style will still have her social media pages, and it looks like she's planning to continue making bold (by Duggar standards) choices for their enjoyment.

Stay tuned for Jinger's leather jacket phase, which should begin sometime next week.

And watch Counting On online to support Jinger's sisters, still shackled in their floor-length leg prisons.

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