Jessa Duggar Swimsuit Photo: REVEALED! WTH?!

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It's been quite a summer for Duggar family news, what with all the molestation, lies, cheating and hypocrisy (just to name a few things).

Despite all of those scandals, the famous family is carrying on with their day to day lives, and that means some serious fun in the sun.

And ... the first-ever Jessa Duggar swimsuit photo! If you can call it that. This is pretty amazing, especially in light of recent events.

Open the gallery to see this "swimwear" in all its glory ...

Wow. So there you have it, Duggar Nation.

We know showing skin is not allowed by the Duggar family, as one of many things frowned upon in the staunch conservative household.

But like any other fun-loving Americans, they've got to enjoy swimming, right? Especially in Arkansas, where summer temps can top 100?

They can't go to the beach (again, not allowed) 'cause who knows what the heathens might wear, but surely they partake at home, no?

Yes, the Duggars like a good pool party as much as anyone, which posed an interesting question regarding ladies' swimming attire.

What DO they wear to swim, given their, uhh, strict rules regarding fashion and the potential sexual enticements of, well, wet bodies?

How does one reconcile the conflicting priorities of cooling off on a sweltering day in America with the inherent, soaking flesh it entails?

Now we know. With this ... whatever it is.

Those are some long shorts and a shirt, or something. That's about all we've got. And Jessa still looks amazing, don't get us wrong.

Still, you have to wonder a little.

We understand and respect their religious beliefs and the things they want to do in their daily lives in order to honor those convictions ...

But who the heck swims in clothes?!

No one's telling Jessa to don a string bikini (can you imagine her emulating these Amy Duggar photos?) but is there no middle ground?

Aren't there modest swimsuits that are still meant for swimming? And wouldn't that be okay for a MARRIED WOMAN at a FAMILY event?!

So many questions. So few answers.

Again, whatever floats your boat ... or floatation device in the above ground pool if you will. But loosening the reins a bit? Just a thought.

Not just because Jessa's hot, either. (NOTE: She is, even if we feel weird saying it, as her swimsuit is designed specifically so we won't.)

But c'mon Jim Bob, for their own mental health, and love of life, let the kids - or at least the young adults - live a little and be care-free.

Take a healthy cue from cousin Amy (below) and an unhealthy one Josh, a walking, talking example of unnecessarily repressed sexuality.

Just saying.

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