Jinger Duggar: Secrets & Scandals of the Family Rebel!

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Jinger Duggar has always been something of an outlier in the Duggar family.

Even before Jinger distingushed herself by wearing pants (gasp!) and marrying a man her father didn't approve of, she had already gained a reputation as the Duggar family's resident rebel.

Check out the gallery below for  our rundown of some of her most memorable clashes with her stirct upbringing:

1. A Broken Courtship?

A Broken Courtship?
Long before she met Jeremy Vuolo, it was rumored that Jinger was courting Lawson Bates. Many fans still believe that Jinger and Lawson got together, but the relationship didn't work out.

2. Restroom Rebels

Restroom Rebels
Back in 2015, Jinger and sister Jana were accused of hypocrisy when they used a men's public bathroom after publicly speaking out against transgender rights.

3. Jinger Duggar: Future New Yorker?

Jinger Duggar: Future New Yorker?
Jinger once indicated that she'd like to live in New York City someday. Michelle Duggar was quick to publicly shut the idea down and many fans castigated Jinger for what they saw as her naivete.

4. Jinger & Jeremy: A Controversial Couple

Jinger & Jeremy: A Controversial Couple
Jinger's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is not your typical Duggar spouse. A former pro soccer player, Jeremy has admitted to drinking and partying in his youth, a major no-no in Jim Bob's world.

5. Jeremy Vuolo: Not a Hit With the Duggars

Jeremy Vuolo: Not a Hit With the Duggars
Jeremy has butted heads with his father-in-law on multiple occasions. Insiders say Jim Bob and Jeremy frequently clash over matters of religious doctrine.

6. Jinger Duggar: A Closet Calvinist?

Jinger Duggar: A Closet Calvinist?
Jeremy preaches the doctrine of Calvinism, which Jim Bob staunchly opposes. Sources claim Jinger feels that she's torn between two worlds, but has sided with her husband.

7. Jinger: Pants Pariah

Jinger: Pants Pariah
Jinger stunned fans when she began posting photos of herself wearing pants, a direct violaiton of her family's strict dress code, which requires all women to wear long skirts.

8. Jinger Wears Short Shorts

Jinger Wears Short Shorts
Okay, they're not especially short, but Jinger sent a message when she stepped out wearing shorts. Some fans believe her choice of attire is a middle finger to her parents.

9. Jinger & Jeremy: Childless After One Year

Jinger & Jeremy: Childless After One Year
To the surprise of many, Jinger is a few weeks shy of her first wedding anniversary, and she has yet to announce her first pregnancy. Duggar women typically get pregnant within a few weeks of getting married.

10. Secret Birth Control?

Secret Birth Control?
Jinger's parents are staunchly opposed to all forms of contraceptive. But fans believe Jinger doesn't share their view.

11. Jeremy Vuolo: A Man With a Past

Jeremy Vuolo: A Man With a Past
Vuolo has a tattoo on his arm and was arrested for harassment in 2008. Could his past have contributed to Jim Bob's feelings of ill will?

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