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Can you believe that it’s been two whole years since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first got together?!

That means that it’s also been two whole years since the entire internet insisted that they were completely consumed with the idea of having children together!

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Gwen and Blake are cute together and everything, but rarely does a celebrity couple inspire so, so many pregnancy rumors.

You can barely check out a tabloid without reading about how they’re expecting twins, or how she’s preparing her body for pregnancy, or how he’s willing to begin sacrificing woodland creatures to the fertility gods.

Like, we love a good rumor as much as anyone, but this is all getting to be a bit much.

Still, as long as Gwen and Blake are content with all the attention their relationship gets — and at this point, they’re definitely still very content with it — the rumors will keep coming.

For instance, earlier this month, Blake was asked by a fan if he and Gwen were planning on having children of their own (Gwen already has three sons with Gavin Rossdale), and his response?

"I hope. We will see."

It’s not exactly a statement designed to quiet the rumors, that’s for sure.

Another subtle little thing these two crazy kids do to keep us talking?

They share photos like this:

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Gwen slapped that picture up on her Instagram yesterday with the caption "Had the best Thanksgiving," and that’s sweet, it really is.

She and Blake posed with some of Blake’s family members — they went out to Oklahoma to celebrate the holiday.

But instead of paying attention to those amazing sweaters or the cute poses, Gwen’s followers zoomed right in on her midsection.

"Is that a baby bump?!?" one person asked — or, well, actually dozens of people asked that.

"Why is everyone getting pregnant this time of the year?!?!?!" another person wondered.

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One of her followers came through with a more direct line of questioning, writing "Uhh is that a baby baby or a food baby?"

And then some people just went ahead and assumed that this was a pregnancy announcement: one of those commented "You’re preggers! Yay! Beautiful photo!"

"I know you’re pregnant, Gwen!!" another follower said. "I know it."

These are just a small sample of the kinds of comments this photo inspired — so very many people are positive they see a baby bump here.

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your outlook — it really does seem like this "baby bump" that people are seeing really may have just been a food baby.

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After celebrating Thanksgiving, Gwen came back to L.A. for an event, and her clothes were quite a bit tighter. You can see that look in the photo above.

Her stomach doesn’t look anything like it did in the other picture, does it?

But still, some people are convinced that there’s still a fetus in there!

On the newer photo, the one with the tight miniskirt and the gingerbread man, one person commented "Sometimes it looks like a baby bump, sometimes it doesn’t. This time it does lol. Please say it’s so!!!!"

So what is it?! Is she pregnant? Does she look pregnant? At 48 years old, is it even possible for her to get pregnant?

So many questions, so little answers.