Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: 11 Most Adorable PDA Moments

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When these two crazy kids officially announced they were dating back in November 2015, everyone was a little weirded out.

"Why make it so obvious?  Why do they have to confirm it?  Don't celebs usually ignore gossip and carry on with their lives?"

Some do, while others believe confirming or denying something to the press will help tame the amount of coverage and paparazzi chasing that comes with such speculation

For example, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their pregnancy before the first trimester ended to avoid being hounded by the press while Catherine dealt with acute morning sickness.

Here we are, six months and a slew of pregnancy/wedding rumors later.  

Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani 4 Ever.

1. Prom Pic

Prom Pic
JK. Wedding invitation pic, maybe?

2. He's A Little Bit Country, And She's A Little Bit More Put-Together

He's A Little Bit Country, And She's A Little Bit More Put-Together
Love is blind, because otherwise Stefani would have explained the party's dress code to her gentleman caller.

3. Driving Miss Stefani

Driving Miss Stefani
It's like being back in high school and seeing your friend in a cute guy's car. "OMG call me ASAP," you text her.

4. Post-Performance Embrace

Post-Performance Embrace
I think they like each other.

5. A Selfie And A Kiss

A Selfie And A Kiss
This selfie was taken over a month after Blewn went public.

6. Sinking His Teeth Into Her

Sinking His Teeth Into Her
BRB, going on

7. "We're Dating"

"We're Dating"
"In case you didn't know."

8. Get A Room!

Get A Room!
JK. Carry on!

9. Focus On The Music, Blake

That time your boyfriend called you "hot" on national TV. Classic Shelton.

10. WATCH: "Go Ahead And Break My Heart"

You almost had to look away during the performance because these two were eye-banging so hard.

11. What Are You Two Hiding?

What Are You Two Hiding?
Just before they went public with their romance, Shelton and Stefani took a selfie, claiming that they were traveling for "work."

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