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Stassi Schroeder is persona non grata around the Internet right now.

And for a fairly understandable reason.

Stassi Schroeder in Black
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The 29-year old Vanderpump Rules star addressed the victims of Hollywood’s ongoing sexual misconduct scandal on her Straight Up with Stassi podcast this week…

… only she didn’t exactly take their side, for some strange and indefensible reason.

Instead, she actually titled the latest episode “Are we on a male witch hunt?” and made comments that implied men such as Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose were the ones getting a raw deal these days.

In response to Schroeder’s stance, critics jumped on Twitter and jumped all over the reality star.

“so I’m never one to go here but I’m disgusted after listening to @stassi newest episode," wrote one annoyed individual, adding:

"How dare you question these victims, mock #metoo , or even defend men who push boundaries with women."

Added another:

“I’m only 15 minutes in and I’m already offended. I’ve never heard such ignorance or general disregard for women. She’s literally saying basically women only are lying for attention and we just are on a man with hunt.

And another:

"No one can MAKE me suck a dick’ And it’s official I’ve turned the podcast off."

Stassi Hate

During her podcast, Schroeder took issue with the idea that women were forced to give oral sex in some of these alleged situations.

"I’m sorry, no one could make me suck a dick," she said, adding:

"I’m sorry it sounds like he thought you liked it because you were making out with him. And now that it’s a trend and it’s #metoo you’re going to come out and accuse him because you regret it."

Pretty easy to see why so many people are so upset with her, isn’t it?

Not just people, though,

Advertisers have also come out and distanced themselves from her podcast.

Rent the Runway, for example, Tweeted the following:

“We’re shocked by @stassi’s comments re the #metoo campaign. It goes against everything RTR stands for as a company and has publicly advocated.

"Our 1st ads were slated to run on Mon but effective immediately we’ve terminated our relationship with her podcast."

Stassi Schroeder Snapshot
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Another advertiser, Framebridge, shared this sentiment:

“In no way do @stassi’s comments about the #metoo campaign reflect our beliefs. We are ending our relationship with the Straight Up with Stassi Podcast effective immediately.

"We will always stand by brave women sharing their stories."

How has Stassi responded to this scandal?

By using it for PR purposes.

She Tweeted in reply to the advertiser boycott and the backlash from listeners:

"Just finished recording a follow up episode… stay tuned."

Nope, sorry. But we definitely will NOT be doing that.