Dancing With the Stars Results: Who Will Make the Final Four?

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Dancing with the Stars Season 25 is already past the midway point, and the competition is becoming tougher with each passing week.

Heading into the home stretch, only Drew Scott, Victoria Arlen, Lindsey Stirling, Frankie Muniz and Jordan Fisher remain in the field.

Who would survive to dance another week?

Let's break down the routines!

Drew Scott and Emma Slater

Drew Scott and Emma Slater - Tango - “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers

Is it just us or has Drew continued to go from strength-to-strength? Who would have thought he would be in the final five after his mediocre performance earlier in the season? The duo clearly wanted to do something different, and that explains the song choice. 

They were both in sync, and it was apparent they wanted to go out dancing if this was their final night. 

Score: 24/30

The duo then tried to copy a routine that was first performed in Season 17. It was originally performed by Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff with Witney Carson. The surprising thing was that Drew managed to keep up with Emma. 

You would not believe they were copying another performance entirely. They made it their own. 

Score: 24/30

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy - Contemporary - “To Build a Home” by Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson  

This performance was one of those ones that will be remembered for years to come. The chemistry was off the charts, and it was hands down their best performance of the season.

After weeks of circling the drain, they found an exciting way to show off their talent together. The judges were enamored with it. 

Score: 27/30

They then moved on to perform a routine by Amber Riley and Derek Hough from Season 17, and that was an even better fit for them. Maybe they should have been looking the back catalog of solid performances. 

This was the type of performance that deserved a perfect score, but it got close to it. 

Score: 29/30

 Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold - Argentine Tango - “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE feat. Gavin DeGraw

These two have been the ones to watch all season long, so it's difficult to watch them fluff their performance in such a manner. The chemistry was just not there during this performance. Did they have an on-set incident or something?

They still secured praise from the judges because of their other performances this season. 

Score: 28/30

Things improved when they performed an old Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas number, and it was almost like they fixed what was wrong because it gave them another perfect score!

Score: 30/30

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas - Contemporary - “Head High” by Alexander Jean

Mark went with a song from his own band with his wife. He was not trying to plug it, we hope. There was something emotional about the whole performance. Maybe it's because he and Lindsay have struggled to become frontrunners this season.

They were in sync throughout and proved that they had taken all of their feedback on board which is all we can ask for at this stage. 

Score: 29/30

Their chemistry continued to be off the charts in a rehash of Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Season 18 dance number. They went all-out with their costumes, proving they had something to prove. 

Score: 28/30

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson - Salsa - “Shake” by Yin Yang Twins and Pitbull

These two have yearned for a place further up the leaderboard all season long, but this song was not the best choice for them. It had the potential to make them sink or swim, and they did something around the middle. 

The judges noted that Frankie was trying to make the performance work, but it did not happen for them. 

Score: 25/30

Their iconic dance performance took us all the way back to Season 4 for a number from Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough. They went for a step-by-step rehash of it, and it failed in part due to Frankie not being able to keep up with Apolo's fast-paced moves. 

Score: 26:30

Victoria and Val and Frankie and Witney found themselves in the bottom two after the performances, and Victoria and Val were let go. It was a real shame when you consider that they gave it their all during this performance episode. 

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy

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