Prince Harry Fell For Meghan Markle After Seeing Her on Suits, Source Claims

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For most of the past year, the royal-watching world has been eagerly anticipating the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged.

Some believe Harry has already proposed, and the couple is waiting for the perfect time to make the announcement.

Markle and Her Prince

Others are convinced that Harry is still waiting for the perfect time, and that that time somehow didn't arise during the freakin' safari he and Meghan went on to celebrate her birthday.

Whatever the case, it seems clear that a Harry-Meghan wedding is a foregone conclusion.

In fact, sources say Harry has had his heart set on marrying Meghan for years.

And how is that possible when the two of them met in the summer of 2016?

Why, through the magic of basic cable, of course!

Meghan Markle Rocks This Look

Yes, like the denizens of the common room in your grandmother's nursing home, Harry is a big fan of Suits.

For those of you who only know Meg as Harry's fiancee and not for her "Oh, That Show's Still On?" Award-nominated performance as Rachel Zane, Markle has starred on Suits ever since the show debuted, sometime during the Carter administration.

Many women have no doubt fantasized that they were being secretly observed by an increasingly enamored Prince Harry while they're at work, but that's a dream that's much more likely to come true if you're a television actress and not a hostess at Outback.

"He had a crush on Rachel Zane two years before he met Meghan and the reason I know is because I was having drinks with one of his friends," says royal commentator Katie Nicholl in an upcoming British television documentary about Meghan.

"She [Harry's friend] told me she'd been on a night out with Prince Harry. He was single at the time, so she said, "Harry, who's your ideal girl?" And he said 'Meghan Markle from Suits.'"

Meghan Markle in 2015

There's no way that's an accurate quote, right?

It had to be more like, "Have you ever seen that show Suits on whatever the British equivalent of the USA Network is? Well, there's this actress on it ..."

You can't just blurt out the name of an obscure actress on an obscure series without your friends making fun of you.

"Yeah, I hear you, Harry. I totally have a thing for Valerie St. James from First Responders. Oh, you never heard of Valerie St. James or First Responders? That's because I made 'em both up!"

Ha! Burn notice, Prince Harry! You might be experiencing some royal pains!

And  with that, we've officially exhausted our supply of USA Network original series references.

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