Javi Marroquin on Briana DeJesus Relationship: It's Gonna Happen!

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For several weeks now, we've been hearing rumors about Javi Marroquin dating Briana DeJesus.

At this point, it seems one of two things is taking place:

Either there really is a romantic spark between these two, or they're just messing with us to keep this story in the tabloid headlines.

Javi and Briana

Javi and Briana have gone clubbing together; they've flirted on social media; and they've done very little to discourage fans from spreading the rumor that they're hooking up.

Of course, this could be a case of unrequited attraction.

Javi has made no secret of the fact that he wants to hook up with Briana, but she's been far less forthcoming on the subject.

In a recent interview with Radar Online, Javi opened up about his feelings for Briana in surprisingly candid fashion.

From the sound of it, Javi and Briana are not yet an item, but Javi is very much keeping his eyes on the prize:

“No we’re not dating,” Marroquin told Radar.

Javi Pic

“We talked about that and we said there is no rush. Long distance is already hard enough as it is. If we want to keep this friendship and get closer and get to know each other, there is no rush.”

In other words, "We're not dating, but we're totes gonna bang!"

Adding to the perception that Javi and Briana are headed toward a relationship, Javi says the two of them have discussed a romantic future together, but have thus far held off:

“I’m quick to commit to someone,” he said.

“But taking it slow, I like that. I see it happening, who knows. We talk every day, she’s busy with the two girls and I’m busy working out. We keep in touch.”

Briana Picture

Yes, Ms. DeJesus certainly has a lot on her plate these days.

She's the newest Teen Mom 2 cast member, having just joined the show in time for its current season, so she's probably still re-adjusting to life in the limelight.

(DeJesus was originally intorduced to fans on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.)

Oh, and of course, Briana gave birth to her second child back in July, and she's coping with baby daddy drama that's been well documented on TM2.

So it's probably not the greatest time for her to be embarking on a new relationship.

But we're guessing that won't deter Javi one bit.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from this couple-in-the-making.

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