Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin: Reuniting ... For Surprising Reason [EXCLUSIVE]

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 will likely be surprised to learn that former spouses Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are getting back together.

No, it's not what you think, but it's still a reunion of sorts. 

The parents of Lincoln aren't reconciling from a romantic perspective, but they are forever linked, and are joining forces once again.

We caught up exclusively with Kailyn to talk about the reason she's linking back up with her ex-husband, and what fans can expect ...

1. A love story

A love story
Kailyn and Javi married on September 4, 2012. Teen Mom 2 fans quickly fell in love with them as a couple. Alas, it did not work out.

2. A contentious breakup

A contentious breakup
Kailyn and Javi's marriage produced one child, Lincoln, and so many happy moments. But it was often tumultuous, and their 2016 split was marked by public feuds.

3. He said, she said

He said, she said
He said, she said. Kailyn and Javi were a textbook case of this age-old phrase, as they traded plenty of barbs online in regard to rumors about the other and the end of their marriage. Which is why it's fitting that ...

4. They're teaming back up ...

They're teaming back up ...
... on two companion books together, entitled “He Said” and “She Said.” Seriously!

5. His side, her side

His side, her side
The two books will respectively tell Lowry and Marroquin’s sides of what went down in their relationship.

6. What you see isn't always what you get

What you see isn't always what you get
"I would say that because of the short time our segments on MTV are edited down to, we were never able to tell our full story," Kailyn says of her segments on Teen Mom 2.

7. Biting her tongue

Biting her tongue
"I kept my mouth closed and kind of bit the bullet for every article or accusation of cheating,” Lowry adds.

8. She wasn't ready

She wasn't ready
"I shut down when it came to filming because I wasn’t ready to speak on it and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing that would make things worse,” she elaborated.

9. So what can fans expect in the book?

So what can fans expect in the book?
“We will talk about fidelity, money, popularity from the show, and how those things directly impacted the fate of our marriage,” Lowry revealed.

10. Javi will get his chance, too

Javi will get his chance, too
"The cool thing is that he gets to tell it his way in full, in his own words and I get to tell the same things in my way, in my own words,” Kailyn tells us.

11. Agree to disagree

Agree to disagree
"I’m sure there will always be things we won’t agree on," Kailyn admits, and "from here on out we will have to just agree to disagree.”

12. So many questions

So many questions
Did he cheat? Did she cheat? What really happened after he came back from deployment? How are they getting along nowadays? It will be interesting to get their dueling perspectives on all of this and more.

13. Hustle and heart

Hustle and heart
Kailyn brings plenty of both to the table (as evidenced by her previous, successful book title). This sounds like it’s going to be quite the interesting read and one fans of Teen Mom 2 surely won’t want to miss.

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