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On Sunday, October 1st, Heidi Montag gave birth to her and Spencer Pratt’s first child — a precious baby boy.

The first photos of baby Gunner Pratt are slowly trickling in, but the proud parents have shared a brand new photo.

Heidi has now joined the ranks of actresses who are sharing breastfeeding photos.

Spencer and Heidi

During they heyday of The Hills, the very idea of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt becoming parents would have given us nightmares.

After the two of them managed to burn through their $10 million fortune in a frighteningly short amount of time, the thought of them becoming responsible for a tiny human being would have caused us to slip into a coma.

But this pair of D-listers have come a long, long way since then.

Don’t get us wrong — they’re still, uh, "eccentric." Their feud with Lauren Conrad still seems to be going strong.

And yes, Spencer Pratt still loves crystals.

But they’ve clearly made strides towards what is at the very least a strong resemblance to personhood since The Hills was a thing.

Which is good, because baby Gunner is here!

Heidi Montag Breastfeeding Gunner with Spencer Pratt


This is great, first of all, because it’s a precious photo of all three members of this small but growing family.

But it’s also wonderful because every photo that celebs share of themselves breastfeeding helps to normalize breastfeeding for millions of women.

We don’t know how many instances there have been of women being asked to leave or to breastfeed their babies in often filthy public restrooms.

(No one should have to eat lunch in a bathroom, folks)

The worst cases are when women in art museums are asked this, since they’re often surrounded by paintings and sculptures of bare breasts but aren’t being allowed to feed their infants.

The #FreeTheNipple movement isn’t just about toplessness for toplessness’ sake, though that’s a worthy cause in and of itself.

It’s also just about making society less uptight about breasts and their accompanying nip nops.

In her own way, Heidi Montag is helping make the world a better place. Every drop in the bucket contributes to the inevitable cultural shift.

Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Baby Gunner

Precious baby Gunner deserves the best, right?

Fortunately, Spencer and Heidi have done more than just grow with age and life experience.

Heidi rekindled her relationship with her formerly estranged mother, Darlene Egelhoff.

Previously, Heidi had gotten what the medical community refers to as a "horrifying f–kton" of cosmetic surgery, distorting her features into a twisted caricature of humanity and spending a ludicrous amount of money in the process.

At the time, Heidi’s mother had expressed concerns. Like the rest of America.

Heidi hadn’t liked that, so she and her mother were on bad terms for years.

But they both agreed to appear on The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition. The whole purpose of which is to orchestrate reconciliations between mothers and daughters.

In some cases, it didn’t work out so well. In some cases, it shouldn’t work out. But in the case of Heidi Montag and her mother, they were actually able to reconnect and soothe some old wounds.

In fact, Heidi Montag flaunted her 6-month baby bump while hiking with Spencer and with her mother.

The more family that they’re close to, the bigger their support network.

Spencer Pratt and Amethyst

Family isn’t the only support network that they’ve set up for their baby, of course.

Jen Bunney is Gunner’s godmother, which is not surprising but makes for an amazing The Hills callback, but she’s apparently not his only godparent.

We don’t have the complete list or anything, but that’s interesting to know. And comforting.

The whole idea is that they would assume responsibility for Gunner if, heavens forbid, anything should happen to Heidi and Spencer.

But hopefully the Pratts’ extensive, expensive collection of crystals will bring them all of the good vibes or good luck or whatever that they need so that they can always be there for little Gunner.