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It wasn’t so long ago that Heidi Montag was being called out for excessive drinking and having a dysfunctional relationship with her mother on The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, but she’s taken such great strides since then.

And now, Heidi Montag is 6 months pregnant and she’s showcasing her baby bump in some adorable photos.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, Being Adorbs
Photo via Instagram

Fairly recently, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt excitedly announced that they were having a baby boy.

Well, they know what sorts of genitals their baby will have, anyway.

Gender’s a lot more complicated than that.

But sure, they can put blue balloons on their mailbox, because people like to assign genders to colors, too.

Anyway, these two are super happy, and after the rough go of things that Heidi’s had, we’re glad to see her so happy.

So they went to Heidi’s hometown of Crested Butte (no jokes, please), Colorado.

Crested Butte is a tiny little hamlet with under 2,000 people, but it’s also apparently a great site for skiing.

It’s also clearly a great location for taking photos that show off your baby bump.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, 6 Months Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

And aren’t they a cute couple?!

Honestly, you don’t really see reality TV personalities getting their happily ever afters all that often, you know?

But these two don’t just look happy … they look chill and content.

You know what we mean by that distinction?

Like, if this were just some career-boosting photo-op or whatever, Spencer wouldn’t have that stupid beard.


There are some pretty okay beards in the world but that particular one isn’t working for him.

But that doesn’t matter because he’s just enjoying his time with his wife with that beautiful scenery for a backdrop.

They used to do everything that they could to desperately grasp at attention, but now they’re just … living their lives. Who knew?!

And Spencer isn’t the only one who’s having a good time taking photos with Heidi.

Heidi Montag and Mom
Photo via Instagram

Yes, that is Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi’s mother.

Remember, these two were estranged for a while there after Darlene publicly criticized Heidi’s cosmetic surgery choices.

Honestly, going public with criticisms like that is such a dick move.

But while The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition didn’t quite help everyone who appeared on it …

Like, this was the show where it was revealed the Courtney Stodden’s mom fell in love with Courtney’s then-husband Doug Hutchison. Some things are harder to work past than others.

… Heidi’s relationship with her mother does seem to have improved.

Kind of amazing to think that some reality shows actually help the people involved.

Maybe we’ve just read of too many Bachelor Nation couples splitting up, you know?

It’s great to see that they’re getting along well enough that Darlene will get to be in her grandbaby’s life.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Kiss

We’re not saying that Heidi and Spencer’s relationship success is supposed to give us hope for all other reality couples.

But it does give us hope for their baby’s future.

And it’s so nice that they’ve reached such a healthy place in their lives after how ridiculous they used to be.

Also, like, Crested Butte looks like a great place for pregnancy photos.

How often do pregnant moms get to say that they put the Rocky Mountains to shame and have the photos to back it up?