Teen Mom 2 Recap: The Puerto Rican Baby Shower Blues

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Briana’s baby shower went downhill in a hurry when Luis showed up, while Jenelle finally had her day in court.

Elsewhere, Kailyn struggled with juggling school, the boys, Javi, Jo, and Leah considered her all options regarding Ali's special needs.

Yes, things got pretty rough for Kailyn on Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 9. All those kids and dads ... it's hard emotionally. And logistically.

For instance, she was forced to Lincoln and Isaac to school after realizing that Javi was driving too small of a car for their child trade-off.

"The queen gets whatever she wants," Javi snarked, even before she gave him a hard time about the process, which can be stressful.

Still, the tensions get to them sometimes ... like when Kail put the boys in a soundproof room to argue (they were super cute, FWIW).

Later, Jo Rivera called and asked if he could see Isaac, she said no, and Jo told Vee Torres that he plans on going to court soon.

The goal? To try to get more time with Isaac.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry Photo

As for the THIRD man in the picture these days, Kailyn seemed relatively sanguine about the prospect of raising a kid with Chris Lopez.

She said he would never challenge her in court or want child support, unlike Javi and Jo ... of course, if that's true, what is the reason?

Chris has been adamant about remaining off-camera and while the photo of Lopez holding Baby Lo last weekend was great, is it a priority?

Does he want to be MIA whenever he wants and be present only when it's convenient for him, not when Kailyn or the baby need him?

We're not judging or saying we can predict the future, but Lopez himself has made overtures toward being a peripheral figure at best.

Just saying. And here's hoping we won't be.

Leah Dawn Photo

Meanwhile, Leah Messer got Ali an aide after her physical limitations continued to wreak havoc on her health, and her daily life.

Chelsea also took Aubree out for a girls day out, and while MTV may try to make it appear otherwise, they are just the cutest.

Jenelle finally had her day in court as her quest to win custody of Jace back reached a turning point ... that did not go in her favor.

Seriously, this is Jenelle we're talking about.

Finally, Briana DeJesus' baby shower quickly took a bizarre turn when Luis Miguel and his friends showed up at it with a camera.

All we can say is that you need to watch Teen Mom 2 online to experience that scene in full because we can't do it justice here!

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