Chris Lopez Actually Hangs with Son: See the Stunning Photo!

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The impossible has officially happened.

The unexpected has become a reality.

The photo we never thought we'd see is now real ... it is here ... and it is about shocking as you'd imagine. Maybe more so.

Kailyn and Family

Indeed - drum roll, please!!! - Kailyn Lowry has shared a photo of baby daddy Chris Lopez with the occasional couple's actual baby!


The most controversial Teen Mom 2 star gave birth one month ago to a son she only refers to in public at the moment as “Baby Lo."

Baby Lo has no name, but she procreated him with Lopez via at least one instance of sexual intercourse nearly a year ago now.

Kailyn kept the identity of her unborn child's father secret for a long time, up until some Internet user sleuthing hinted strongly at Lopez.

Lowry eventually conceded that Chris, who she reportedly met while earning her undergraduate degree, was the non-condom using culprit. 

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

Very little is known about the third daddy of her third baby to this day, as Lopez has sought to keep himself out of the public eye.

We know, it's unusual to say the least; Kailyn shares her life not only with MTV but with over a million followers on social media.

The idea that Lopez won't allow himself to be filmed (ostensibly because he doesn't want his kid to know him as a TV star) is dubious.

In any case, we have done our best to glean what we can about the couple since he was confirmed as the baby daddy, but it's tough.

To say reports are conflicting is an understatement.

Multiple sources have implied that Lowry and Lopez have basically no relationship, with Kailyn even keeping her ex-lover from his son.

This clearly isn't the case, however. To wit:

Chris Lopez, Son

Lowry took to Instagram this weekend to share a rare picture of her one-month-old infant being held by none other than Lopez in her IG story.

The mysterious Chris does seem pretty smitten with him.

"Are they twins or," Kailyn wrote as a caption.

The embattled Teen Mom 2 star revealed in May, when she was seven months along, that Lopez was the dude who knocked her up.

Supposedly, this occurred as part of a plan to get pregnant; Lowry went out of her way to point out that this was not an accidental conception.

At the same time, the source told E! News: "She really has nothing to do with Chris, the father. She plans on raising the baby on her own."

Baby Lo

Lopez has claimed this isn't the case, though.

"Seen my lil man almost everyday ... boom there the truth," he Tweeted on September 6, finally breaking his silence on the subject,

Still, by all accounts, Lopez won't appear on Teen Mom 2 and has tried his absolute best to remain as far from the spotlight as possible.

It remains unclear just how involved Lopez is in the life of Kailyn and his son, but it looks like Lowry is open to some kind of arrangement.

"I think that every child deserves their dad," she told celebrity gossip site Radar Online last month in an on-camera interview.

"I'm hopeful, I'm positive that he'll be around."

The 25-year-old added at the time, uninspiringly:

"He has been as supportive as he can."

"He does the best to his ability, even though it doesn't necessarily meet the standards of what everyone else expects of him."

"I just think people should keep that in mind."

Hey, fair enough. Chris has a very low bar set for him. So low, he would have to fall flat on his face (so to speak) not to clear it. 

We just want Baby Lo to grow up in a healthy, stable and supportive environment, and we doubt we're alone in that assessment.

Lo joins big brothers Isaac, 7, and Lincoln, 3, Kailyn's kids from her previous relationships with Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin.

Jo has come a long way as a father as well as with his amicable relationship with Kailyn; Lowry and Rivera co-parent very well.

Sure, there is conflict - they're human - but they both want the best for Isaac, and Rivera moved to Delaware to be near Lowry.

Marroquin and Lowry have been better.

Their divorce has not been pretty, to say the absolute least, but the former couple's marriage was, at one point, very loving.

Javi has always been a terrific dad. When the dust settles, we're optimistic they'll make the co-parenting thing work as well.

Your move, Chris. Your move.

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