Matt Roloff Reacts to Little People, Big Baby News

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A new little person in his world has given Matt Roloff a big reason to celebrate.

On Sunday morning, following 41 weeks of labor, Audrey Roloff finally gave birth.

As previously reported in exciting detail, she and Jeremy Roloff are now the parents of a little girl named Ember Jean.

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She weighed in at 7 lbs., 13 oz., and came into the world on at 9:40 a.m., for those curious about various key tidbits.

With Audrey having been due way back on August 31, Little People, Big World fans across the globe were anxiously refreshing their Internet browsers every 15 minutes this weekend, hoping for an update.

They initially received one when Amy Roloff announced the birth on Facebook, only to quickly delete her post.

She likely jumped the confirmation gun after Audrey and Jeremy had agreed on a deal with Us Weekly that enabled that tabloid to break the baby news.

But now it's been broken! So Matt Roloff is free to gush over his second grandchild.

"Oh my goodness. All is right in the world!! :))). Love love," the reality star wrote as a caption on Facebook yesterday.

It was a caption to a photo of his son, his daughter-in-law and their precious bundle of joy, as you can see here:

MR reaction


Audrey and Jeremy have also spoken out on becoming parents.

"We are so thankful for this little life we've been blessed with and cannot wait to see all that she becomes," they told Us Weekly, adding:

"Labor is such a wild and miraculous process and meeting our baby girl for the first time filled us with uncontainable joy."

With Roloff going so far past her due date, fans had grown concerned over the state of her child.

But little Ember was just taking her time, making sure she was good and ready to enter the universe. She's believed to be fully healthy.

"We are excited for the journey that lies ahead," the couple days. "Welcome to our family Ember, may you be a glowing, fierce, and radiant light in this world."

A Sweet Smooch

With the addition of Ember, the Roloffs as a whole now have two tiny human beings at home.

On May 12, Tori and Zach welcomed a son named Jackson Kyle, plastering their social media pages with cute pictures of the toddler ever since.

We respect Audrey and Jeremy's privacy and we want them to do whatever they please when it comes to little Ember.

But if they want to share a new photo of her everyday, we won't object! We'd love to be part of her journey.

And we send our very best wishes to the brand new parents.

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