Kylie Jenner: Why Some Fans Think She's Not Really Pregnant

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By now, you've almost certainly heard the reports that 20-year-old reality star and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

The news has received a mixed reaction, to say the least.

Kylie Jenner, White Robe with Nails

Most fans offered congratulations, yet some shrugged their shoulders, and others had the audacity to say that Kylie should've had an abortion.

But regardless of your feelings on Kylie being a mom, surely we can agree that the Kardashians' reaction to the news has been surprising.

Specifically, how there's really been zero reaction at all.

This is a family that's built a nine-figure empire out of public fascination with their personal lives, but they've yet to acknowledge this.

Such a massive development. Yet radio silence.

It's enough to get the conspiracy enthusiasts working overtime, and given the timing and information in play, there's a lot to work with.

Thus far, two theories have emerged:

Kylie in a Bra

The first holds that Kylie's family is less than thrilled by the news that the youngest of Kris Jenner's six children is expecting.

The second, far more salacious, hypothesis is that Kylie isn't pregnant at all, and the whole thing is a prank gone awry.

Let's address the less absurd rumor first:

According to People magazine, Kylie's mother and sisters are doing their best to be supportive, but they're decidedly not happy about it.

Kylie's decision to welcome a child with a guy she hasn't been with that long, and at such a young age, has raised plenty of eyebrows.

This would likely be true in many families.

“Kylie is very naïve," says one insider, adding that she “of course has no idea about all the hard work and sleepless nights.”

Life of Kylie Scene

The source notes that Kris Jenner and company are "overjoyed," but remain steadfast in their belief that "Kylie is too young to have a baby."

At the end of the day, the informant claims, the Kard clan is doing their best to hide their anguish, because, well, Kylie is simply thrilled.

Yes, the prospect of becoming a mom is something she's so taken with, and over the moon about, that no one wants to burst her bubble.

“This is the happiest she’s ever been," says a source.

We may never know for sure if that's the bizarre explanation for the muted/lack of reaction within the Kardashian inner circle.

Just kidding, all will be revealed on a very special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This is Kris Jenner, people!

Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, and Giraffe

As for the other theory, yes, there are some people out there who genuinely believe Kylie just meant to have a laugh with her friends.

Now that the joke worked too well, she's forced to pretend she's pregnant, so as not to piss off her fans ... which makes kind of no sense.

According to these conspiracy-loving folks, she's stuck in the plot of a bad early-90s teen comedy, possibly starring Christina Applegate.

She has no choice but to wear a halved basketball under her shirt until further notice. It's a ruse she'll have a hard time wriggling out of.

Obviously, that's ridiculous, but ...

Let's face it, this would make a really good storyline, and Kylie is the daughter of Kris Jenner, so we're not counting anything out.

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