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The entire celebrity gossip world is still recovering from the bombshell that exploded online late Friday afternoon:

It really is true. Kylie Jenner really is pregnant.

But while most Internet users have responded to this news with shock and even some concern, irritating blogger Perez Hilton has expressed a far more controversial opinion.

Perez Hilton Sucks

“Ring the alarm! Ring the alarm! Oh, my God. I needed to get on here instantly to let you know directly from me that Kylie Jenner is 99 percent pregnant," Hilton said via YouTube on Friday, adding in his video:

"I say that because TMZ is reporting that Kylie is pregnant and of course, there is the possibility that they are wrong…

"… however, I would say their track record is usually pretty accurate.”

Since Hilton uttered these words, other reputable sources such as Entertainment Tonight People Magazine have also confirmed that Kylie is expecting Travis Scott’s baby.

The child is reportedly due in February.

Hilton then paused… made a prayer sign with his hands… and continued:

“I’ve just got to do a slow clap, a slow clap for Kylie Jenner. She knows how to work it. She is the new Kim Kardashian. I don’t care about any of them other bitches right now, Kylie Jenner has just one-upped everybody.

"In case you haven’t been paying attention, Kylie Jenner has been dating rapper Travis Scott for what, um, 5 months, 6 months? And also, a reminder Kylie Jenner is 19 years old. Um, I love life, I love babies."

Kylie Jenner in a Skimpy Black Top

Okay, fine. All fair enough we guess.

(Editor’s Note, though: Kylie is 20. She needs every year she can get at the moment.)

Hilton then crossed a line, many believe, by emphasizing the following in his strange message

If I were Kris Jenner, I would tell that girl to get an abortion!

Whoa there… what now?!?

Talk about sticking your nose way down deep in someone’s business where it does not belong, right?!?

“Let’s be really real here people. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not going to last," Hilton added.

"They’re not going to end up happily ever after. They’re having a baby and they barely know each other! But you know what? It’s great for business.

"Haha take that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna!”

Life of Kylie Interview Pic

It is true that Kylie is not even old enough to legally purchase alcohol.

And we also have our doubts about her future with Travis Scott.

Moreover, it’s a simple fact to state that Rob, Kourtney, Kim and now Kylie all had (or will have) children out of wedlock.

But who is Perez Hilton to tell a woman what to do with her body, many on the Internet are asking in disgust?!?

“Babies taking care of babies. You know, the Kardashian show is about to end so Kylie just wants to get a role on Teen Mom," Hilton said, still not finished.

"This is when being pro-choice really comes in handy. I just don’t understand the thinking.

"It’s just sad, because, I don’t want to project too much upon Kylie Jenner, but based on everything I know, I personally don’t think at 19 and given who she is, where she is at in her life, she’s going to be a great mom.”

Kylie Jenner, All Sweet and Innocent

In conclusion, Hilton writes:

"The human aspect, I think, my heart just goes out to that poor unborn child – but from a business point of view, this is great for business."

Of course, Jenner was already doing pretty darn well with her actual business. It’s been valued at $1 billion.

What do you think of Kylie being pregnant?

And what do you think of Hilton actually calling for an abortion here?!?

Kylie Jenner, All Sweet and Innocent