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It’s a scene that’s sure to ring a bell with fans of gangster movies.

The mob boss, fed up with the performance of a troublesome underling summons the low-ranking hood to his office for a dressing down that could end in a lifetime of exile or a nap with the fishes.

Now replace Paul Sorvino and Ray Liotta with Kris Jenner and Scott Disick, and you’ll have the perfect mental image for the episode we’re about to describe.

Kris Jenner and Scott Disick Selfie

By now you’ve likely heard that Scott Disick has hit rock bottom about fourteen times in the past few weeks.

For months, Disick has been drinking non-stop and hooking up with a succession of inappropriately young starlets.

Last week, his reckless lifestyle landed him in the hospital.

Shortly thereafter, the world learned that Disick is dating Sofia Richie.

He’s a 34-year-old father of three, and she’s the 19-year-old daughter of Lionel, so needless to say, the news hasn’t been well received.

In fact, it seems that for Kris Jenner it was the nail in the coffin.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up
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The world’s most famous momager has been tolerant of some pretty horrendous behavior from the men in her daughters’ lives.

Perhaps it’s because she’s acutely aware of the toll that becoming so famous so fast can have on a person, or maybe she’s just a more compassionate person than she seems on TV.

Whatever the case, Scott Disick has finally gone too far.

And now … Kris has to turn her back on him.

The Kardashians are a business as well as a family, and though Scott will be permitted to continue seeing his kids (for now) he won’t be allowed to be a part of Kris and company’s lucrative media empire any longer.

Sources tell Radar Online that after months of bad behavior, Scott has been "gently let go."

Kris Jenner at a Gala
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“Kris told him that they’ll see through the existing commitments — including his fulfillment to film various appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians — then that’s it, he’s done,” says one insider.

“Scott knew this day was coming once Kourtney officially moved on and got serious," the informant adds.

Hey, you had to know this was coming, Scotty.

Look on the bright side, you had a better run than anyone expected.

Now, go home and get your f–king shine box!

(RIP, Frank Vincent)