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Kylie Jenner isn’t really known for her subtlety, so it’s good to be reminded that she knows more way to be seductive than posing in a fishnet bra.

Even when she’s just advertising things on Instagram, it’s great to see her wearing a dress!

Well … sort of. You’ll see.

Kylie Jenner, All Sweet and Innocent
Photo via Instagram

Kylie Jenner posed in these two photos below.

She’s wearing what first looks like a very short bathrobe.

Now, Kylie is a SoCal girl through and through, meaning that she finds 60 degrees Fahrenheit to be "bitter cold."

So as much as this girl likes to take off her clothes for the camera, we imagine that whatever bathrobe she wears off camera is probably one of those super thick ones so that she stays warm.

Don’t get us wrong, Kylie looks phenomenal in both photos, but it didn’t look like something that she’d choose to wear in her everyday life.

Well, we naturally looked at the captions.

We weren’t surprised to find that it was an ad.

We were surprised to learn something else, though.

Kylie Jenner, White Bathrobe
Photo via Instagram

Like we said, she looks great.

But this isn’t a robe at all, allegedly.

According to the company that sells these (and Kylie is definitely modeling in this as an ad, even tagging it as ad, which is great since other stars are getting in trouble with the FTC for posting Instagram ads without the tag), this is a dress.

Yes, really.

(We’re not defending that Fashion Nova choose to call this a dress, mind you, just … assuring you that this is the label that they have chosen)

Specifically? This is called the "Sugar Free Dress."

Kylie Jenner, White Robe with Nails

But whatever they choose to call it, we wouldn’t recommend wearing this to a job interview or trying to wear it to prom.

Kylie looks great in it, but it really does look like it’s just one slight slip away from baring … something.

But hey, there are some parties where an adult would look great in this.

Kylie’s been doing a lot over the past couple of years to shed her imagine of being a kid.

She’s been very successful, despite being the youngest member of a celebrity family and despite growing up in front of the eyes fo millions of viewers.

(Also, she’s just been very successful, period — she’s a makeup mogul whose business could be worth a billion dollars in just a few years)

Kylie Jenner's Lingerie for Lipkits
Photo via Instagram

Life of Kylie didn’t get the best ratings.

There are no guarantees that it will be renewed for another season, no matter how inexpensive reality shows are to film.

Part of that is because the popularity of specific types of reality shows waxes and wanes.

Part of that is because nobody wants to sit around and listen to Kylie whine about being famous for a half hour.

But these pics are as good of a reminder as any that Kylie can still share bits of her life and monetize it through social media.

So even if her show never again sees the light of day, Kylie’s clearly not going anywhere.