Javi Marroquin on Meeting Chris Lopez: Why the Heck Would I?!

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Javi Marroquin is on great terms with Kailyn Lowry’s former BF Jo Rivera, but when it comes to Chris Lopez, well, that's another story.

The Teen Mom 2 star's initial reaction to Kailyn's third pregnancy with Lopez was mixed, to put the best possible spin on things. 

The situation hasn't changed much since.

Javi Marroquin is Crazy

Relations between Kail and Javi have thawed since the days of him breaking into her house, but a good amount of tension remains.

Lopez's relationship with Lowry has been fraught from the start, and Javi - often caught in the crossfire, in a way - wants no part of it.

His reasoning is actually pretty simple.

“Kail tried to get me to meet him one day,” Marroquin said. “But he doesn’t do anything for my son [Lincoln] to provide for him."

"He doesn’t take care for him so to me there is no reason to,” Javi added, though he says he's not bitter or closing the door altogether.

“I told her if things change and I see consistency in my son’s life and in her life then maybe," he said, leaving the option open.

"But as of right now there is no need to."

Kailyn and Family

As of Lopez's impact on Javi's only child?

“I’m sure Lincoln sees him and knows who he is," Marroquin tells Radar, "but as far as providing for him, he doesn’t, so ...”

As for Javi's impact on Lopez's child?

Marroquin admitted that while he has been around Baby Lo since the newborn came into the world, he has yet to hold him.

That's not a surprise, as Lowry, 25, announced her split from Marroquin in 2016 while he was deployed with the Air Force.

The fact that she got pregnant very soon after that did not sit well with him - or dispel rumors that Kailyn cheated on Javi.

Moreover, the fact that Lowry no longer wanting to have children played a role in the divorce made this sting even harder.

Kail Photo

Then there was the incident in which Marroquin walked in on Lopez in her home only days after his return from duty overseas.

You can see why there are hard feelings in this complicated setup (three kids with three dads is tricky under any circumstances).

Fortunately, Marroquin is on better terms with Lowry today than a year ago. “We have a very unique relationship,” he explained.

“Right now everything is great. I can call her anytime to say, ‘Hey let’s go to dinner.’ She does the same. Right now no issues."

"We have a unique dynamic.”

Moreover, Marroquin also said that he maintains a terrific relationship with Jo Rivera, the father of Kailyn's first-born son Isaac.

Chris Lopez, Son

Marroquin endeared himself to millions who watch Teen Mom 2 online because of the role he played in his former stepson's life.

One of those fans was Jo himself.

“I live right next to Jo now,” Marroquin said of his life in Delaware. “We’re neighbors. It’s really convenient for drop offs and pick-ups."

"It makes things easier. Our relationship is great. Me, him and Vee [Torres] get the kids together all the time," he says, adding:

"It’s crazy how times have changed.”

Jo and fiancee Vee moved to be closer to Kailyn a few years ago, and have been upstanding parents/step-parents ever since.

Here's hoping Lopez continues to see his son and play that same kind of role, helping this "unique dynamic" truly thrive.

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