Kailyn Lowry: Did She Really Cheat on Javi Marroquin with His Best Friend?!

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Do you ever just want to lay down and take a nap after hearing about all the never-ending drama that goes on in Kaliyn Lowry's life?

Because man, it sure does seem like a whole, whole lot.

Kailyn Lowry Loves This Tea

She's got baby daddy drama, ex-husband drama, social media drama ...

It's exhausting just to hear about it all, we can't imagine what it would be like to actually live it.

Especially now that we've got a new trailer from Kailyn's season of Marriage Boot Camp with Javi Marroquin.

In the trailer, we see tiny little glimpses of all the madness that goes down between the various couples in the house.

We don't see much of Kailyn and Javi, but we do see her screaming "I slept with your best friend!" while he looks on in shock:

It's definitely intriguing, right?

And, lucky for your Teen Mom gossip-loving hearts, a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup already has all the details on this little scandal!

According to the source who spoke with the website, "Everyone is speculating that the person Kail slept with is a male friend of Javi's who recently reappeared on Javi's social media accounts, but that's not true."

"The person Kail is referring to in the trailer isn't even a guy. It's a girl."

The plot thickens!

It turns out that, while this mystery girl isn't directly named, she's someone who's been on Teen Mom 2 before.

Kailyn Lowry: Just a Mom Thing!

Not only that, but "Kail has known her since high school. Javi met her through Kail, although on an early season of Teen Mom 2, they made it seem like this girl introduced Kail to Javi. That wasn't the case."

As any serious Teen Mom 2 fan knows, Kailyn and Javi originally met while she was working at the mall -- he tried and tried to woo her, and she eventually gave in.

But on the show, the story was that they were set up by friends -- MTV did this because she kept their relationship a secret in the beginning, and they had no other way to introduce him without breaking the fourth wall, which they weren't doing at the time.

So one of those girls is allegedly this "best friend" of Javi's that Kailyn hooked up with.

If you think things sound too complicated now, hold on tight ...

This hookup happened while Javi was deployed, just before he came home.

Javi Marroquin is Crazy

As we know now, the divorce wasn't official yet, but Kailyn was definitely 100% done with him.

It was only a short while after that that Kailyn also became 100% done with the girl -- they had a falling out after Javi caught Chris Lopez at the home he and Kailyn used to share.

If you'll remember, during that dramatic scene on the show, Javi was at the house with a male friend, who just happened to be the mystery girl's boyfriend.

While Kailyn and Javi were fighting in the driveway, she revealed that the girl had also gotten intimate with another of Javi's friends and Javi knew about it.

Why would she throw that out there? It's hard to say, this is very nearly too much drama to handle at this point.

But she did, and "Javi's friend got really mad at Javi because Javi had been encouraging it."

Kailyn, Javi Photo

"When Kail's friend found out about this, she was very mad at Kail, and it basically ended their friendship. After that, the girl was siding with Javi because she thought Kail ratted on her for cheating on her boyfriend with the other dude."

So to break it down in simpler terms, Kailyn had a friend, she slept with this friend while Javi was deployed, and then she let it slip in front of the friend's boyfriend that the friend had slept with someone else, too.

The friend decided not to be her friend anymore, and instead she became Javi's best friend, since they had the common ground of hating Kailyn.

And, for some reason, this little story comes up during a fight on Marriage Boot Camp.

Who else is getting excited for this trainwreck?!

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