Amy Roloff: Slammed by Haters After Granddaughter's Birth: Why?!

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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have welcomed their baby girl into this world. This should be a happy occasion for the whole family -- and for their fans.


Apparently not, since some fans are taking this as yet another opportunity to complain about Amy Roloff.

Amy Roloff Picture

To be clear, most fans of Little People, Big World and of the Roloff family are perfectly nice people, we're sure.

As with any fandom, it's a very vocal minority that seem to manage to dominate conversations simply by complaining harder than anyone else.

This is as true for reality television as it is for video games or films.

Once again, fans are hating on Amy Roloff.

Let's see. Last time was when fans hated on Amy Roloff for traveling with her boyfriend.

(The fiend!)

Specifically, these haters seemed to take issue with Amy being out of town when her newest grandbaby could have been born any minute.

We listed the various reasons for which this was ... not valid criticism.

Like, logistically, first-time labor tends to last for a while, so Amy Roloff would probably be able to get back pretty quickly from anywhere in North America "in time."

Also, not all grandparents are present for their grandchild's birth. it's seldom feasible.

Amy Roloff is allowed to have a life. All of her children are adults. Going somewhere with her boyfriend is not "neglect," or whatever.

Basically, some folks needed to get a grip.

This time, fans are mad at Amy Roloff for something different ... and yet the same.

Audrey Roloff Baby Picture

This time, Amy Roloff's "heinous crime" is ... not yet posting a photo of her new grandbaby, Ember.

("Ember" is a great name, by the way -- and easy to remember)

Or, rather, Amy Roloff is earning ire for posting an Instagram ad and not yet spamming her followers with photos of her second-ever grandbaby.

Sure, the family matriarch posted an ad.

But isn't part of the beauty of Instagram the fact that, if you don't care about whatever people are trying to promote, you can move on with the slightest motion of your finger?

No. According to some of Amy's followers, it's a huge inconvenience that warrants their very vocal complaints.

"We are interested in you and your family. Stop hawking products," one follower demanded 

"Love you and your family but I stop following when you start doing commercials," griped another.

She did get some nice comments, at least:

"Awww Amy you're looking so healthy and happy, thrilled for you!!"

Audrey Roloff, Baby Photo

For the record, it's not like Amy Roloff is ignoring the birth of her granddaughter.

At the good news, Amy Roloff shared her delight with all of her Instagram followers.

"And my baby granddaughter is here. I'm so so excited and happy for Jeremy and Audrey. I'm a grandma again. Ember Jean is beautiful. What a blessing. My heart is full of joy!!"

Maybe her haters are the sort who only look at the pictures and don't read the words?

Even on Instagram, you need to read the words, folks.

Amy Roloff and Cute Grandson

This is all extra silly, because we all know how much Amy Roloff loves grandma time with Jackson Roloff.

It's silly to assume that she already has a favorite grandbaby.

(Jackson Roloff is 4 months old, by the way -- he's growing up so quickly!)

Stop shaming a doting and loving grandmother, please.

Let her upload photos at her own pace. Please.

Sooner or later, we'll have just as many photos of Ember as we do of Jackson.

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