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Child abuse charges and an inability to get over his ex-wife?

With his latest photo on Instagram, Robin Thicke asks a simple question:

What child abuse charges and an inability to get over his ex-wife?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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As previously reported, April Love Geary confirmed last week that she’s pregnant with the singer’s baby, a somewhat surprising development considering Thicke and Geary are not married.

Moreover, they are 18 years apart in age.

(Geary is 22, while Thicke turned 40 in March.)

But Thicke seems pretty excited by the development, if one is to believe the message behind the social media snapshot he shared over the weekend.

"Happy days," wrote the artist as a caption to a picture that features the most important people in his life:

  • Seven-year old son Julian.
  • His fiancee.
  • The unborn child growing in his fiancee’s womb.

Geary is reportedly three months along and will give birth in early 2018.

We don’t know the impending child’s gender or if the couple plans on finding it out.

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“Robin and I are very excited to share with you all that we’re having a baby!” wrote the model on her Instagram page last week, adding that the little boy or girl is expected on March 1.

Which happens to be the birthday of Robin’s late father, beloved actor Alan Thicke.

The singer and Geary began dating shortly after Patton filed for divorce in October 2014. 

They didn’t go public with their romance for several months, however, likely because Thicke made a huge public showing of how much he missed ex-wife Paula Patton even after they split up.

He and Patton were also involved in a bitter custody dispute over Julian, with the latter accusing the former of being abusive to both her and to their son.

Thicke denied all allegation and reached a settlement just this month with Patton.

They now share equal custody of the seven-year old.

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We send our very best wishes to Geary and Thicke.

The stars have not yet set a wedding date nor have they talked much about their relationship in public.

But the tiny baby bump on the model above pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

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