Dean Unglert Might Not be the Bachelor, Either. Here's Why.

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Today, the sun is getting eclipsed. But so are your hopes and dreams.

If you were hoping to see Dean Unglert star on the next season of The Bachelor, anyway. Especially after hearing that Peter Kraus is unlikely to get the role.

Nothing's for certain just yet, but based upon what Deanie Baby has revealed, he might not qualify to be the leading man. And no, it's not because he allegedly makes an ass of himself on Bachelor in Paradise.

Dean Unglert on a Fence

So, it was a little while back when Dean Unglert revealed that he finds love in Paradise in a Glamour interview.

"Did I find love in Paradise? Yeah, I'll be honest with you. I did find love in Paradise. Yeah. I don't see any need to hide it."

We've known for a while that Dean Unglert is on Bachelor in Paradise, well before Dean was sent home after his Hometown Date with Rachel Lindsay.

But what we didn't know until recently was that Dean would find love.

We can't say that it's surprising -- with his endearing personality and baby blue eyes.

(Even DeMario Jackson, in his very short time in Paradise, found Dean's eyes memorable enough to mention in his Instagram tags when he reflected on his time there)

But, if Dean found love in Paradise, people have to wonder: what does this mean for his future? What does this mean for The Bachelor?

Dean Unglert and Nala

Right off the bat, Dean Unglert seemed to really hit things off with Kristina Schulman.

From what we've already seen on Bachelor in Paradise, Dean and Kristina hung out and they opened up about their past hardships.

Dean talked about his emotionally distant father and his mother's death when he was still a teenager.

(That's why he has her name tattooed on his body)

Kristina talked about spending eight years growing up in a Russian orphanage before being adopted by a Kentucky couple.

That's sort of par for the course when it comes to trying to find love on a reality television schedule, but they did seem to have a connection.

Dean Unglert and Lion Cub

The thing is, though, that lots of people find love in lots of places.

There's a difference between "aww I love you" and "i think I'm in love with you," both of which are very different from the sort of lifelong bond of love that happens in Disney movies and allegedly in real life sometimes.

Dean might find love in Paradise.

(In fact, a recent promo shows him confessing that he's in love with two women there, so that's ... potentially complicated)

But that doesn't mean that he'll come out the end of the season having forged a lasting relationship that will preclude him from appearing on The Bachelor.

Because, you know, a lot of love is fleeting.

Dean Unglert in Paradise

Dean Unglert is a fan favorite to be the Bachelor, and he was a frontrunner on The Bachelorette.

That doesn't mean that he's a shoe-in, unfortunately.

One factor is that Dean is still in his mid-twenties, which you'd think would be fine, but it's a little younger than the Bachelor tends to be and might bring about different age dynamics.

But we'd still love to see him, or Peter Kraus, in the role.

And, of course, we'd love to see Dean find love. If he has to not be the Bachelor, it would be ideal for it to be because someone already won his heart.

We hope that, at the very least, Dean Unglert got to have some fun on Bachelor in Paradise.

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