Ariel Winter Claps Back at Tabloid Over Levi Meaden Story

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Despite the fact that Ariel Winter is arguably most famous for posting racy selfies on Instagram, she's become something of a divisive cultural figure in recent months.

(Yes, we're aware that Ariel is also one of the main cast members on Modern Family, but you don't see Ed O'Neil in the tabloid because the former Al Bundy doesn't look good in a bikini, ya know?)

Ariel Winter with Boyfriend Levi Meaden

Ariel is frequently slut-shamed for her social media posts, and she often calls out sexist remarks from her followers or from media outlets.

It's admirable, but it's also led to a sort of feedback loop, wherein Ariel posts a pic, someone says something idiotic about it, she fires back, they both get to go viral, and the whole thing repeats itself the following week.

As a result of this scenario, many who once praised Ariel for her empowered responses have become skeptical of her motives and started openly questioning if she's less concerned with feminist ideals than with raising her public profile.

Of course, not all of Ariel's sassy counter-arguments have to do with her risque photos.

Winter recently celebrated her nine month anniversary with boyfriend Levi Meaden.

The relationship has been a source of controversy for a number of reasons.

Ariel Winter with Levi Meaden

For one thing, Ariel is 19, and Levi will turn 30 in a few weeks.

On top of that, they seem to be progressing very rapidly, having moved in together after just a couple months of dating.

Because Ariel is beginning to rival Kylie Jenner as the tabloid media's favorite teen to obsess over, hot takes about the nature of her relationship are depressingly common.

The latest culprit is Star magazine, who posted the following headline over the weekend:

"Is Ariel Winter Desperate For Boyfriend Levi Meaden To Propose?" 

Ariel could've easily replied by invoking Betteridge's law and pointing out that any headline that asks a question can be answered with the word "no."

Instead, she took things a step further and had a little fun with the folks at Star:

Ariel Winter & Levi Meaden Image

"Yes and I'm already pregnant to seal the deal. I WILL HAVE HIM!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!" she tweeted.

A well-deserved diss, considering the Star piece begins with an odd headline and gets stranger from there:

"Ariel has already convinced Levi to get matching tattoos," a source tells the tabloid.

"Levi was totally against the idea at first, but he can't say no to her."

Star goes on to claim that friends worry the relationship has become "codependent," and Ariel is so anxious for Levi to propose that she's taped photos of engagement rigns she likes on her refrigerator.

Having perused Ariel's Instagram page, we know she's not huge on subtley, but that's heavy-handed even for her.

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