Kanye West & Jay Z: Still Fighting About Kim Kardashian?!

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If it weren't for Jay Z, the world might not know the name Kanye West.

(We'll leave it up to you to decide if Hov deserves praise or condemnation for that bringing Yeezy to the public.)

But while the two were once close friends and frequent collaborators, their relationship has fallen on hard times in recent months.

Ye and Jay

It seems Kanye's marriage to Kim Kardashian has created tension between the rappers.

Back in October, West acknowledged the beef in a rambling onstage rant directed at Jay and wife Beyonce.

Kanye complained that Jay had cut ties to the point that their kids have never even met one another.

Now, it seems Ye has returned the favor by failing to acknowledge the birth of Jay and Beyonce's twins.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Kim is still serving as the wedge driving the former friends apart.

It seems Kanye is upet by what he sees as the Carters' failure to fully accept Kim into their inner circle.

Kanye West and Jay-Z Perform at The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

“[Jay and Kanye] still haven’t put their differences aside,” says the insider.

“They’ve put on a show of being friendly, but it’s always been pretty hollow and inauthentic, and Kanye finds that unacceptable,” the source adds.

”He’s sick of Jay looking down on him and treating him like he’s not an equal.” 

The source confirms that West “didn’t reach out to Jay after the twins were born.”

He also notes that the births “would have been a perfect time to extend an olive branch, but Kanye doesn’t feel that’s up to him.

"As far as he’s concerned it’s Jay that should be the one trying to make amends," the insider says/

Jay Z and Kanye West Photo

Unfortunately for Kanye, it doesn't seem that Jay and Bey are in any hurry to embrace Kim as their social equal.

There have been rumors that Kim is desperate to befriend Beyonce, but that the singer has no interest in forming (or even faking) a friendship.

And like everything else Kim is involved with, the rejection is very public.

The fact that Kim and Beyonce are not friends - not even friendly, it seems - is apparent from their social media pages and their general lack of interaction with one another.

In all likelihood, Kim wouldn't be so concerned with becoming friends with her husband's friend's wife if said wife wasn't Beyonce.

Having spent the entirety of her adult life as one of the planet's most beloved entertainers, Bey is likely able to recognize such shallow intentions for what they are.

And it seems that as long as she wants nothing to do with Kim, Jay and Kanye will want nothing to do with each other.

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