16 Questionable Pearls of Kanye West Wisdom

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Oh, that crazy Kanye West.

This is what folks used to say when the rapper uttered something outlandish.

But after Kanye was hospitalized for an apparent mental breakdown, now folks are instead saying:

Oh. That poor Kanye West is crazy.

Should we have seen this breakdown coming? Perhaps, if we more closely examined some of West's past quotes...

1. We All Make Mistakes

We All Make Mistakes
Kanye has claimed that he's learned from his many mistakes, but then he kept right on making them.

2. I'm Not Perfect

I'm Not Perfect
At least he's been self-aware about his flaws. Maybe Kanye himself saw this coming.

3. I Will Change the Entire World

I Will Change the Entire World
He has changed the focus of the gossip world to a discussion about his mental state. Does that count?

4. Reading is Not Fundamental

Reading is Not Fundamental
It wouldn't hurt to pick up a book sometimes, man.

5. Music Trumps Slavery

Music Trumps Slavery
Yeah. See. His priorities have always been a tad out of order.

6. Be Proud!

Be Proud!
This is not anything Kanye ever should have bragged about. The guy's mind has been warped for awhile it seems.

7. Sad in Paris

Sad in Paris
And sometimes he just spouts weird nonsense. How did we not take that as a sign?

8. Blah, Blah, Blah

Blah, Blah, Blah
I'm just gonna keep saying stuff that sounds profound but really makes no sense, okay?

9. Hope Floats

Hope Floats
There is. But that hope may start when you stop referring to yourself in the third person.

10. That's a Rap!

That's a Rap!
Once again, we don't know what this means. If anyone except Kanye had said it, we'd likely have questioned his mental status.

11. Laugh to Keep from Crying

Laugh to Keep from Crying
This is sort of true. But admitting that he likes to laugh to keep from crying was DEFINITELY a sign.

12. Well, Except for Wives

Well, Except for Wives
Did I really marry Kim Kardashian? What was I thinking?!?

13. God Dammit!

God Dammit!
So maybe this was the cause of his breakdown. He was trying to live outside himself to see himself... or something.

14. Don't Believe the Hype

Don't Believe the Hype
Seriously, West basically confessed at this time that he just rambles and speaks nonsencially. Why did no one diagnose him sooner?

15. Am I Right or Am I Right?!?

Am I Right or Am I Right?!?
This may be the worst problem anyone on the face of the Earth can face.

16. Just Call Me William

Just Call Me William
You may be all these things. But right now, you just need some help.

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