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Coming out is hard to do, but it it sounds like Aaron Carter’s life has mostly taken turns for the better since he came out as bisexual.

It hasn’t all been perfect — just today, he deactivated and then reactivated his social media accounts.

Before that, though, the "Aaron’s Party" singer spent the weekend living as his authentic self and celebrating

Aaron Carter with Chest Tats
Photo via Instagram

His coming out may have cost him his girlfriend Madison Parker, but good riddance if she couldn’t accept him for who he is.

Aaron Carter appeared at and even performed at a gay restaurant called Hamburger Mary’s (it’s actually part of a chain of LGBT-friendly restaurants) in Florida.

It apparently went very well.

Aaron Carter took to Twitter on Saturday to express how moved he was by his warm reception so soon after his coming out.

"I was in shock!!"

Remember, Aaron Carter’s had his share of inner demons, but he’s also struggled with fan responses to him in recent years.

Now that he’s being more honest about his sexuality but also his eating disorder, hopefully Aaron can live his best life.

Living honestly can help abate a lot of personal problems — and maybe people are less likely to be harsh about him now that they know what’s going on with him.

Apparently that wasn’t a problem at Hamburger Mary’s.

"It was an emotional night in a lot of ways."

But we have more than his social media reaction to go on.

Aaron Carter Talks
Photo via Entertainment Tonight

TMZ reports details of Aaron Carter’s performance at the restaurant.

"I just want to thank you for all your love and support in the LGBT community and my announcement. It means a lot."

A closeted LGBT person is essentially living apart from their entire community, so he’s feeling a sense of connection and family that he may have never known that he was missing.

It’s understandable that he was in shock.

He repeated his coming out while at Hamburger Mary’s.

"Yes, I am a bisexual man."

Sometimes a lot of bi folks feel that people don’t say that enough.

You’ve probably noticed that bisexual television characters like the dance around the label instead of using it, saying that they "like hot people" or are "flexible" instead of using a very convenient label that’s just … right there for them to use.

Aaron also evaluated some of the men in the audience, going over them one-by-one with varying levels of praise.

"That motherf—er right there is gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. … He’s kind of cute."

Aaron Carter's Shirtless Selfie
Photo via Twitter

Good for Aaron for embracing his identity in such a public manner, you know?

"It is what it is. I am who I am."

In true Taylor Swift style, Aaron sang a song about his ex, Madison Parker.

"I wrote this song about my ex girlfriend that just left, so bye Felicia. This song is about her."

Aaron got very emotional, even breaking down in tears.

"I just wanted to say thank you for believing in me, guys."

He also had something to say for the haters, or at least the non-fans:

"Even if you don’t, I still love you."

That’s a very healthy, positive attitude.

And, for the most part, that’s been reciprocated.

Aaron Carter Underwear Selfie
Photo via Twitter

Unfortunately, Aaron Carter saw some other reactions to his recent appearances that were … less kind.

Though he thanked fans over Twitter for their support, he also shared a screencap of negative comments.

Some rude people referred to him as "painful to listen to" when he did an interview.

They were commenting and perhaps assuming that he wouldn’t see what they had to say.

In fact, after sharing how hurt he was, Aaron Carter shared that he was going to be staying off of social media for a while … and then deactivated both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He did reactivate them (literally while I was writing this post), which sounds like a good idea, since he gets so much love and support from fans that way.

We can only hope that he’ll keep his social media up and running, though a farewell tweet of his from before he took down social media suggested that he might be away for a few months.

We hope not … but he should do whatever’s best for his general well-being.

Aaron Carter Underwear Selfie
Photo via Twitter