Joy-Anna Duggar: Under Fire For Political Beliefs?

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If you follow the many members of the Duggar family on social media, then you're probably aware that they're not shy about sharing their political and religious beliefs, controversial as they may be.

It seems not a week goes by without an uproar over something one of the grown Duggar children said online.

The most recent furor came as a result of Derick Dillard's comments about Jazz Jennings.

Duggar Family: Counting On Season 4 Photo

The husband of Jill Duggar slammed his fellow TLC star, a transgender teen, tweeting that "transgender is a myth" and criticizing his own network for airing a "reality show that follows a non-reality."

This week, it's Joy-Anna Duggar's turn in the spotlight, as fans of the newly-married 19 year old have had mixed reactions about Joy swearing her allegiance to the Republican Party in the midst of one of the most divisive political climates in recent memory.

Joy and husband Austin Forsyth recently attended the Arkansas Young Republican State Convention in Little Rock.

The couple posted a photo from the event on their joint Instagram page.

"Great turnout today at the Arkansas State Capital for the Arkansas Young Republican State Convention!" Joy-Anna commented on the pic below.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth: Young Republicans

Some fans praised the couple for having the courage to stand up for their beliefs in contentious times.

Others, of course, argued that the current occupant of the White House is pursuing an agenda that flies in the face of beliefs espoused by Joy-Anna, Austin, and all Christians.

“Not everyone who is republican is racist,” wrote one commenter, adding that she applauds Joy and Austin for “spread[ing] the truth to young people.”

“This is a sensitive subject, especially in these tough days in our country,” wrote a more critical follower.

“Your families would obviously be Republican (I mean who would think otherwise). I would just be careful because these post will cause and stir emotions with people. I was going to write something else, but realize you both are young and not exposed to much.”

The comment highlights that no one is surprised Joy and Austin are Republicans.

Joy and Austin Before Their Wedding

After all, Joy's father, Jim Bob Duggar, ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican and her family has long favored a conservative ideology.

Interestingly, Joy-Anna and Austin have yet to comment on the situation.

It seems the couple feels they made their statement with their decision to attend at the convention.

But despite Joy's silence, you can be sure that the debate amongst her Instagram followers will continue to rage.

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