Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green: Kissing Again, Now With Less Clothing!

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Jeremy Meeks and his story are divisive, and it's so easy to be of two minds about him and pretty much everything that he does.

This latest stunt is no example.

And while locking lips with Topshop heiress Chloe Green is nothing new, it's less their very public displays of affection gaining attention this time and more their outfits ... or lack thereof.

Jeremy Meeks for Topshop

Jeremy Meeks got famous back in 2014 after his "hot felon" mugshot went viral on Facebook and then spread to the rest of the internet.

Most people don't look great in their mugshots, but people immediately noticed Meeks' icy blue eyes and stunningly sharp cheekbones.

By the time that he was released from prison, he already had modeling contracts lined up.

Modeling at his level can pay six figures per year, and it tends to involve world travel.

This was controversial, because you can't help but think of all of the aspiring models who have the looks and the talent, but their only mistake was not being arrested on multiple gang-related charges.

Sometimes, that kind of unfairness is part of life.

His fans argued that this is a great chance for him to turn his life around -- a chance that too few people realistically get in our prison system.

Jeremy Meeks started modeling and everything was looking great.

As in, he was looking great but it looked like his life was taking a new direction.

And then he was photographed on a boat cheating on his wife with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.

His wife, Melissa Meeks, who waited for him while he was in prison and who is also the mother of his child, was less than thriled.

(Actually, she's still pretty pissed)

We can only imagine how thrilled she'll be to see Jeremy Meeks showing more PDA with Chloe Green.

Jeremy Meeks Kissing Chloe Green


The two have been out and about with each other before, of course.

And while Jeremy's done some work for Topshop, the British multinational retailer that sells shoes, clothing, makeup, and accessories all across the globe -- and is part of the Arcadia Group, to which Chloe is the heiress -- let's just say that their relationship isn't strictly professional.

But as they've been spotted lately, if you look past the feathers and stuff, Jeremy Meeks is basically just wearing boxer shorts.

Chloe Green is, decorations aside, just wearing a barely-there jeweled bikini top and a pair of bottoms.

After they'd advertised themselves in their outfits on Instagram, they were even spotted making out without the feathers at the Crop Over Carnival in Barbados.

The 33-year-old ex-con and the 26-year-old heiress make for a cute couple, but it strikes many as insensitive that he'd be flaunting their relationship where his wife cannot help but see.

What rubs people the wrong way is that Jeremy Meeks has left his wife behind, and started this relationship by cheating on her.

Jeremy Meeks on a Boat

For the record, Jeremy Meeks is the one who filed for divorce.

Though this was after his wife responded to the photos of him and Chloe.

Arguably, his filing may have been less about wanting to split than about wanting to avoid a legal timeline of cheating.

He listed the date of separation before his time in Europe.

We're no lawyers, but that might undercut his wife's complaints about cheating.

He's splitting hairs there mighty fine, but it's technically not cheating if they were separated.

That can matter in the divorce.

Jeremy Meeks Makes His Debut

If we were writing a ripped-from-the-headlines Law & Order episode about this, we'd have the guy conspicuously similar to Jeremy Meeks abandoning his family after prison because he doesn't want his former criminal associates to take revenge on them for him leaving crime to go into modeling.

We don't think that what's going on here involves anything so dramatic.

Jeremy Meeks is leaving his old life in the dust, or trying to, because everything now is so shiny and new and exciting.

We don't know when he'll get a reality check.

But it might come when he has to cut that first child-support check.

Or whenever Chloe Green has had her fun and decides to move on.

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