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Audrey Roloff is going to welcome her first child into the world later this summer.

And it’s going to be a girl.

And this now seems to be very appropriate, based on an emotional Instagram post the Little People, Big World star has shared.

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Fresh off attending sister Molly’s wedding, Roloff said this week on her popular social media account that she wants to share some "thoughts on beauty."

She then addressed an open letter to all her "girls out there" and it started as follows:

"Your beauty is not defined by your physical appearance!!!! If you’ve run in Christian circles (or really any sort of uplifting women encouragement circles,) for any length of time, this is probably not new news to you."

No, probably not.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to just shrug your shoulder each time you step on a scale or ignore your stretch marks.

"Honestly, sometimes I get a little frustrated by the constant, “You are beautiful” slogans, blogs, books and advertisements," Audrey wrote, adding:

"I think we need to let the truth of this statement sink in deeper than a quick feel-good reminder that “oh yeah, I’m beautiful, got it.”

"We need to really dig into who defines our beauty, what defines our beauty, and how we can become even MORE beautiful."

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What, exactly, does Roloff mean by this?

How can she shed light on the concept of beauty, the same way she recently shed light on her concept of a successful marriage?

"The Scriptures teach us that inward beauty is true and lasting. Inward beauty cannot be covered up with concealer, or photoshoped to be one size smaller… Inward beauty is eternal," she explained, concluding as follows:

"The more we invest in our inward beauty, the more beautiful we will become in the eyes of the Lord.

"As mamma always said, ‘It’s God’s eyes that count.’"

That’s a lot to digest.

It’s pretty intense and profound stuff.

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But it mostly boils down to this:

Love yourself for who you are, not for what you see in the mirror.

The latter may change based on a number of factors; but the former can stay the same throughout your life as long as you value the right things and have your priorities in order.

What a great message to send to one’s daughter, right?

We can’t wait to meet Audrey and Jeremy’s child when she arrives in just a few weeks.

Until then, click through the following baby bumps photos in order to relive Roloff’s pregnancy journey: