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Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette has only just had its finale, but naturally, everyone is wondering who will be the Bachelorette on the show’s 14th season.

The Bachelor Nation knows that there’s a whole world of possibilities for which lucky, eligible lady could have scores of suitors vying for her hand and heart … but one familiar name keeps coming up: Amanda Stanton 

As it turns out, Amanda Stanton has definite hopes, dreams, and opinions.

Amanda Stanton Flaunts Her Summer Hair
Photo via Instagram

Before her ill-fated romance with Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton competed for the affections of Ben Higgins during season 20 of The Bachelor.

She’s also signed up for two season of Bachelor in Paradise (this season being the second one, folks).

Yes, that means this super nuts season that filmed twice.

You can even see her at times in the Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek that we got this week.

We really don’t know yet what kind of arc she’s going to have on there.

Though her statements about her interest in being the Bachelorette might yield a major clue.

Amanda Stanton in Black
Photo via Instagram

Amanda Stanton was interviewed on the Morning Breath podcast, where she claims that she’s ill-suited to be the next Bachelorette.

"The world would freak out if I was The Bachelorette. Everyone would hate it."

Well, any choice is going to be divisive to some degree.

Somebody always has someone else in mind.

She might be thinking of the reaction that she got from haters earlier in the summer when she was mom-shamed for going on Bachelor in Paradise.

Like, those shows are filmed over a relatively short period of time.

A mom having a career isn’t the same as neglect, jerks.

"I would be the worst. I would be an awful Bachelorette."

She’s really selling herself short, here.

Amanda Stanton Looks Great
Photo via Instagram

It appears that Amanda is selling herself short.

People wouldn’t be asking if people weren’t interested, right?

But you know what?

She might be trying to mask things or avoid spoilers.

Bachelor in Paradise is supposed to be about people finding each other.

Ideally while sober and not blackout drunk in a pool, but you know, you take the hand that you’re dealt.

So what if Amanda found love on Bachelor in Paradise?

She wouldn’t want to spoil anything, but she also wouldn’t want to say "yeah, I’d totally do that" — which would indicate that she went home single.

Amanda Stanton in a Checkered Dress
Photo via Instagram

Unfortunately, it’s hard to read into her statement, one way or the other.

Maybe she found love or at least had some fun on Bachelor in Paradise.

Or maybe she was as unlucky in love as ever.

But she might just be indecisive or leery of the spotlight that gets cast on the Bachelorette each season.

Or maybe she just wants to spend more time with her kids.

Regardless … if you have a The Bachelorette betting pool, we wouldn’t recommend placing your money on Amanda Stanton.