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Forgive the extremely obvious introduction, but…

…. there’s trouble in Paradise.

Shocking, controversial, SEXUAL trouble, that is.

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Over the weekend, Warner Bros. confirmed that production has been halted on the upcoming new season of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise.

At the time of this announcement, very few details were available to the press, with a spokesperson for this production simply saying the following via statement:

"We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico."

"We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations."

"Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

Allegations of misconduct? To the point where a reality show would actually shut down production?

DeMario, 30

The Internet was abuzz with questions over this mysterious development and description, considering how inappropriate so much of what we see on reality television is (case in point: everything about 90 Day Fiance).

What could possibly have happened that forced producers to send cast members home?

According to TMZ, Corinne Olympios basically happened.

Insiders close to star DeMario Jackson (who was just given the boot from The Bachelorette by Rachel Lindsay) say that executives approached him and Olympus on the first day of shooting and suggested the two hook up.

They figured having the show’s biggest villains get together would be a solid storyline.

So Jackson and Olympios met at a bar and got drunk.

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DeMario explains that Olympios then wasted little time jumping on his lap and slipping him some tongue. A lot of “intense rubbing” followed, TMZ writes.

The contestants then made their way to the pool, cameras rolling and inhibitions long gone.

They got naked and started making out, "rubbing, touching and fingering,” this source alleges.

Jackson claims Corinne proceeded to place her genitals in his face and he started to lick her sacred area.

This is where a few others reportedly disagree with what transpired.

DeMario also admits he was not able to engage in intercourse because of all the alcohol he consumed.

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Last Tuesday, despite Jackson and Olympios getting along perfectly well set, an executive producer called the pair into his office.

They were told that another producer was “uncomfortable” with the how the two had acted during the aforementioned incident.

The producer went ahead and filed a formal complaint with Warner Bros., prompting the company to immediately suspended production and launch an investigation.

At first, only DeMario and Corrine were sent home.

Then, two days later Warner Bros. released the entire cast while they investigated alleged "misconduct."

An Instagram photo shared over the weekend features the cast, sans Jackson and Olympios, posing in the Houston airport:

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TMZ writes that they are alternative versions of Jackson’s account.

We certainly cannot verify what led to this unusual halting of production, although we can say for certain that Olympos proved she wasn’t shy during her run on The Bachelor.

She said at one point that her "vagina is platinum" and that she totally had sex on the show with Nick Viall.

Corinne also spent about as much time without a shirt on during her Bachelor run as she did completely clothed.

The fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise had recently begun filming and was slated to kick off August 8 on ABC.

It’s unclear whether this incident will affect the scheduled premiere date.

Corinne Olympios Laughs

The summer series reunites former castoffs of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette at a resort in Sayulita, Mexico, in hopes they find love with other stars of the franchise…

… and/or in hopes they do some wild and crazy stuff that garners strong ratings.

ABC announced the full cast of Bachelor in Paradise players last week.

Click through their identities above, refresh your memories over who they got turned down by and then react to this wild report:

Do you really think production was shut down because Corinne shoved her you-know-what in Jackson’s face?!?

And can you believe producers actually tell contestants to hook up with each other?!?

(Oh, you can? So can we. Nevermind.)

UPDATE: Corinne Olympios’ now-infamous pool sex with DeMario Jackson has reportedly resulted in a sexual assault investigation.

At issue is how drunk she was and whether she was in any condition to consent, or whether she was the one who instigated all this.

UPDATE: According to a new report, Corinne says it was not consensual because she was blacked out drunk and remembers nothing. 

She blames producers for not intervening and has retained legal counsel as the investigation into what transpired continues.