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When Amanda Stanton dismissed the idea of her being on The Bachelorette, she said that people wouldn’t like her in the role.

Even at the time, we weren’t sure that she wasn’t just avoiding spoiling what unfolded for her on Bachelor in Paradise. If she found love in Paradise, she wouldn’t have any business being the lead on The Bachelorette.

Well, now we know a little more about how far Amanda Stanton’s relationship with Robby Hayes progresses through the season, and … we get it.

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If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you know that all kinds of stuff went down last night.

Dates jumped from one person to another. Matt just up and left before the Rose Ceremony, leaving the girl he’d been wooing on very thin ice.

(Proverbially, as it’s all kinds of hot in Mexico)

Dean made out with both of the ladies he’s courting, leaving some viewers confused, even though there’s nothing confusing about those baby blue eyes of his.

(Actually know all of that if you’ve read our latest Bachelor in Paradise recap)

But, also, Robby Hayes went in for a kiss and it ended up being on Amanda Stanton’s cheek.

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It was … an awkward moment, to say the least.

Viewers wondered if Amanda was just trying to take things slow — as many would do if they’re after an engagement.

Or if she was just giving Robby the cold shoulder and politely sidestepping an unwanted kiss.

There was a third option that maybe fewer people considered.

Maybe Robby Hayes was just too sweaty, as apparently Josh Murray grossed out Amanda Stanton by sweating in the Mexico heat.

(Sweat is gross, don’t get us wrong, but … how do you not sweat when you’re in a tropically warm hellscape? We’ve never been and we genuinely don’t know)

Fair warning: if you read past this point, you’ll be in serious spoiler territory.

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According to Reality Steve, Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes do not get engaged at the end of this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Reportedly, the two went their separate ways despite becoming closer during the series.

Now, Amanda and Robby have been spotted out and about together since Bachelor in Paradise stopped filming, which really sounds like engagement material.

But it’s always possible that they’re hanging out as friends.

It’s also super possible that, after everything with Josh Murray (more the police-being-called incident than the sweating), Amanda wants to take things slow and get to know people off camera.

Just about everybody you see on camera has a different persona for the public than they do in private.

You need honest communication to build a relationship.

(Though, arguably, you might need a few lies later on to hold the relationship together)

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You know, not everybody finds love in Paradise.

Honestly, we don’t think that everyone even wants to.

So soon after ending things with Josh, Amanda may have just been there to further her reality career — treading water, so to speak.

(And to collect a paycheck)

We’re not accusing her of going there with dishonest intentions or anything, but it’s a possibility.

It’s also possible that she went there looking for love and didn’t find the right, perfect someone.

It’s also possible that she went there on a quest for a fiance only to realize that she needs to take more time than she has.

That’s not even an exhaustive list. We’ll just have to keep watching the rest of the season and find out.