Bachelor in Paradise Recap: The New Arrival

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Last night on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 5, a new arrival caught the eye of someone already sort of in a relationship.

So basically, as you know if you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, it was like every episode that has aired for three-plus years.

This time, it was Christen who arrived.

Feeling the impact most dramatically was Jasmine, who told her that she and Matt were a thing, which in turn was news to Matt apparently.

Matt accepted Christen's date invite, after essentially angling to be asked on the date in the first place, which didn't go over well.

With Jasmine, that is. She went off on Christen, who cried because it's totally not her goal to hurt anyone’s feelings up in here.

In any case, Christen and Matt kissed on their date while Matt's former sort-of GF continued to sort of make fun of her and stuff.

The best part? He peaced the f--k out of the show before the rose ceremony, saying something was holding him back in Paradise.

Christen (The Bachelor)

Yes, after all that, dude up and quit.

That left Christen scrambling for a rose and later making out with Jack Stone. Robby, meanwhile, was really going all out to woo Amanda.

Sadly, she turned the other cheek - literally, turned her cheek into him when he came in for a kiss - as he made a romantic move on her.

Turns out she had a change of heart, though, or was just playing hard to get. At the rose ceremony, he got one, then they made out.

As for the Sarah, Raven and Adam love triangle, he seemed like he was into both, which is like every guy's dream, or nightmare. Depends.

Dean played it close to the vest as well, telling Kristina how much he liked having Danielle around, but that he liked her more. We think.

Dean, 26

In order to sow more doubts, he kissed both of them before the rose ceremony. Some people just can't make up their minds down in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Derek and Taylor seemed to be in a really good place, having spent the hiatus talking non-stop and getting to know one another.

However, they had a disagreement in which he (jokingly, we think, maybe) dropped an f-bomb on her, which did not go over well at all.

After a night apart, and cooler heads prevailing, they talked it out like adults and be apologized, saying he wanted to be on her team.

As for the rose ceremony?

You didn't think we'd really get to that, did you? Wait until Tuesday, though it looks like one more girl will be saved with the arrival of Daniel.

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