Nicki Minaj: Pregnant for Real This Time?!?

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Nicki Minaj may have been feuding with Remy Ma over the past few months, but this rivalry apparently has not stopped the singer from living her life.

Specifically, it may not have stopped the singer from having unprotected sex.

Because Nicki Minaj may be pregnant with her first child!

Nicki Minaj at NBA Awards

Just like previous pregnancy rumors surrounding the artist, this one was started by Nicki herself.

After teasing fans with the picture of a (fake) baby bump in February, Minaj was up to her mysterious tricks once again on Monday night.

In this case, Minaj simply posted an emoji of a baby on her Twitter account, not saying a single word about the symbol or what it implies.

She did, however, Like a number of comments by users who naturally speculated over its meaning and whether Minaj would soon be welcoming her first child into the world.

a baby!

The last time Minaj shared such an intriguing social media post, she included with it a caption that read as follows:

"ATBIMS. y'all so childish. Omgskibbidybopbophjhddfnij - I was gonna wait to share the news but..."

The above acronym stands for "all these bitches is my son," which has grown into something of a catchphrase for Nicki.

The lyric appears many times in her tracks.

Back then, the father would have been long-time boyfriend Meek Mill, but Minaj and that rapper split this winter.

Insiders have said since that Nicki is dating Nas, although neither star has come out and confirmed this romance.

Of course, this hasn't prevented Twitter from assuming Nas is the father of Nicki's baby - if, indeed, a baby actually exists.

nm tweets

According to Hollywood Life, Minaj is not actually pregnant.

However, the baby emoji Tweet wasn't completely random, either, as a source tells that website that Nicki wants to be pregnant. Sooner instead of later, too.

“She wants kids soon, while she is still young,” this insider claims, adding:

“She recently had a chance to hold a friend’s new baby and she was struck with baby fever instantly.”

Ah, yes. That new baby smell and feel. It can really change a person's life.

To be clear, this same insider says, Minaj isn't looking to marry Nas. She may not even be looking to settle down with him at all.

There's really just one thing she needs from her current lover.

Nicki Minaj Loves America

"Nicki may not be getting married anytime soon, but she does not want that to slow her down from pursuing her dreams of being a mother,” the website says.

“She has already floated the idea by Nas about using his sperm to make a baby.

"Nicki feels like a baby with Nas would be incredibly talented and she can’t think of anyone else right now she’d rather share a child with."

How possibly exciting!

Based on the artist's past of talking about pregnancy without any child actually growing in her womb, we're going to assume at the moment that Nicki is not expecting.

But we'll be keeping a close eye on that belly over the next several weeks just to make sure.

Nicki Minaj and Boobs

Meanwhile, one thing is certain.

Based on the photo directly above, whenever Minaj does give birth, her eventual son or daughter will enjoy quite the ample dining experience.

Congrats to Nicki and Nas if this rumor is true!!!

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