Nicki Minaj: Pregnant?!?!

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So this is a pretty interesting turn of events ...

Nicki Minaj may be pregnant. Like, several months pregnant.

What a surprise, right? It's so surprising that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

But Nicki shared this photo on Instagram last night:

Nicki Minaj Baby Bump

So it has to be true, right? What are we supposed to believe?!

In the caption of the photo, Nicki wrote "ATBIMS. y'all so childish. Omgskibbidybopbophjhddfnij - I was gonna wait to share the news but..."

Sounds like she's in no rush to clear up the confusion, huh?

To break it down though "ATBIMS" stands for "all these bitches is my son," which is something of a catchphrase for Nicki. The line appears many times in her songs.

"Y'all so childish" seems to mean that this is a joke, but let's remember that about a month ago, Meek Mill strongly implied that he'd impregnated Nicki.

Nicki Minaj with Meek Mill

Right after the news broke that they'd broken up, Meek wrote this little thing on Snapchat that read "I ain't tell y'all bout her being preg ... Nvm lol."

It didn't get a whole lot of attention at the time because hey, it's Meek Mill's Snapchat account, who really cares?

But after Nicki's baby bump pic, people sure are starting to pay attention.

At this point, she's got over 21,000 comments on the photo, many from people who believe she's actually pregnant.

"MY BABY IS PREGO! Congrats," one fan wrote, just one of many messages of congratulations.

Nicki Minaj with Braids

"Take good care of little Nicki," another said.

"Omg," yet another follower wrote, "this is so awesome whats gonna be the name and what is it boy or girl congrats nicki."

One sweet fan said "Wishing u Nicki a safe delivery much love to u and ur unborn child."

But while several commenters were excited about the possible pregnancy, plenty more weren't buying it.

"Don't play with my emotions like that," someone told her, "you know how happy this news would make me."

"As if," another person wrote. "Show us your baby pictures then you are just being selfish because Beyonce is having a baby."

Nicki Minaj Up Close

In fact, many people made the Beyonce connection -- that Nicki was trying to steal attention from Beyonce's big pregnancy announcement earlier this week.

Others thought it was sweet that the two ladies would give birth around the same time.

But while all the speculation is fun, let's be real -- Nicki's almost certainly not pregnant.

Though at least now we know how amazing she'd look if she was!

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