Farrah Abraham Slams Simon Saran, Offers "Backdoor Key" to Strip Club Appearance

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Farrah Abraham is back in the U.S., back on Twitter and back doin' the Farrah Abraham things we have come to know and love.

After a brief, overseas stint on the series Single AF, the hardest workin' D-lister in show business has returned to her native land.

Thank goodness for that. Oh, how we missed her.

Farrah Abraham Walking the Street

Next month, the 26-year-old who is quick to remind you that she is NOT a porn star will once again be trading off of her porn career.

Farrah will be at the Crazy Horse III gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas August 4, which she teased with a promotional clip on Instagram.

“#lasvegas your [sic] the best!” she wrote. “Own the club & get your #BackDoorKey VIP Key package at the Kick-off event with me! Aug 4th"

"Get free bottle & table! This is the way to PARTY” 

At press time, it was not immediately clear what a “Backdoor Key Launch Party” is, but we can think of about 240 inappropriate jokes.

That's all that really matters in the end, right?

Farrah Abraham Backdoor Key Launch Party

Equally unhelpful, the club's website advertises that this epic event is "Hosted by Farrah Abraham - Backdoor Mom and TV Personality."

“Backdoor Mom.” No Teen. She's all grown up.

As Starcasm notes, Farrah actually has a long and storied history with the Crazy Horse strip club franchise, dating back to 2013.

She helped launch the Vegas venue, and in 2015 hosted the opening of the Crazy Horse gentlemen’s club in Pompano Beach, Florida.

With Farrah then, incredibly, was Simon Saran, a man who needs no introduction after two-plus years of on-and-off dating and trolling.

The couple's 115th breakup (we've lost count, but that's gotta be pretty close) took place earlier month, and may be the one that sticks.

Farrah tweet re Simon

As you can see, over the weekend, the MTV OG tweeted this screen shot of an email sent to her by Simon with the subject line "Call."

The text is equally declarative: “Lets talk.” 

Farrah, who has accused Simon of stalking her and trying to sabotage her business career of late, had a field day with this message.

“Oh look, running right back #Fake #Ex … guess the haters were wrong AGAIN,” Abraham wrote, calling the email “So predictable.”

For his part, Saran slammed Farrah as a fraud publicly and insinuated that she will be alone forever because her entire life is phony.

It's always good times with these two. At least he knows where to find her August 4 if he wants to clear the air in person ...

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