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Usher is partly famous for the hit song "Yeah!" 

But multiple women are now coming out and scolding the singer with one simple word: No.

Just… no, man. No.

Usher is Handsome
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Just a few days ago, Radar Online broke the bombshell news that Usher settled a lawsuit back in 2012 with a woman who alleged he gave her Herpes.

According to legal documents obtained by the aforementioned website, Usher was diagnosed with this sexually transmitted diseased some time in 2009 or 2010, around the time he split from wife Tameka Foster.

At some point later, the artist starting giving it to an unnamed woman… only for some green substance to ooze out of his penis during one of their hook-ups.

Usher somehow convinced the woman that it was no big deal; they kept taking trips to Pound Town for about three weeks; and then the woman developed aches, blisters and a fever.

After she was also diagnosed with Herpes, and after Usher finally admitted he was carrying the disease, this bedroom partner sued Usher for "emotional distress."

He ponied up the seven-figure cash settlement a few months later.

Usher in Canada
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Case closed, right?

Well, that case was closed, yes.

TMZ now reports that Usher has been sued for $10 million for a second sexual partner, this one claiming that she first slept with the singer on April 16.

During this initial naked encounter, the woman says Usher used a condom.

About two weeks later, however, the pair reconnected in New Orleans and had unprotected sex in a hotel room.

The eight-time Grammy Award-winner did NOT use protection this time around and never informed this partner that he was once diagnosed with Herpes.

While the woman never alleges in her lawsuit that she’s infected, the Jane Doe insists she would never have spread her legs for Usher if she knew about his herpes.

(Doctor’s Note: You are never actually rid of Herpes once you contract this virus. But you are very unlikely to spread it after you get it taken care of via medication.)

Usher is #1!
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The alleged victim says she was unaware the entire Herpes thing until she was about it online, possibly on The Hollywood Gossip.

She’s seeking damages for negligence, battery and emotional distress, TMZ writes.

Moreover, this woman is being represented by Lisa Bloom, the same attorney who recently took on Blac Chyna’s revenge porn case.

"How much unprotected sex did Usher have after his herpes diagnosis? Women are reaching out to me," Bloom Tweeted in regard to the singer, adding:

"How dare he endanger women’s health?"

L. Bloom

She later added:

"Endangering women’s health by having unprotected sex with herpes? Three women have now reached out to me about Usher. Stay tuned."

For those wondering whether Foster contracted Herpes at any point or is carrying the virus, Usher’s ex-wife made it VERY clear on Instagram last week with the following post:

“Do not come on my page discussing rumors or adult people that have NOTHING to do with me.

"I have been divorced 8 years… Some issues are not my business… I’m good and my health (Everywhere is great)… Not my circus, not my clowns."

Tameka Foster message

Usher is yet to comment on these disturbing allegations.

But it’s too bad he’s seemingly made so many women say "OMG" in such a negative context.