Farrah Abraham: Simon Saran is Stalking Me, For Real!

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Farrah Abraham does not seem like an easy person to get along with.

And yet, for the past few years, Simon Saran has managed to stick around, for better or for worse.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

He stayed when Farrah bought herself an engagement ring and insisted he pay her back for it and then use it to propose to her.

He stayed with her through meltdown after meltdown, and goodness knows she's had plenty of them.

They've broken up, gotten back together, only to break up again ... it's been a mess.

And although the two of them just went on a romantic vacation together just two months ago, it looks like they're actually done for good this time.

Earlier this month, Simon announced that MTV is airing a Being Simon special soon, and that it would be the last time he'd appear anywhere in the Teen Mom franchise.

Farrah then tweeted that he's not in her life anymore "and is really hurt I moved on."

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran in Bridal Shop

She also advised him to stop talking about her.

"You're pathetic," she told him, "and I'm a great mother, professional, friend & women. Go STOP using me for money!"

She tweeted several more messages about him, including some screenshots from texts in which he called her a "rude pig" and sent her photos of a new car he'd bought.

Then Simon, who'd previously shared several photos of himself with a new girl, tweeted "Farrah sees me happy with a beautiful woman and sends me a cease and desist letter! Lol wtf?"

It was all very, very strange, but thanks to a new interview Farrah did with Us Weekly, we have more details.

First off, her lawyer confirms that Simon was in fact sent a cease and desist letter -- but not because he got a new girlfriend.

Simon Saran with Farrah Abraham

It's actually because he's allegedly been stalking her.

"I'm no longer trying to be cordial or friends with my ex," she says, explaining that Simon has been "ruining business deals" for her and "stalking social media."

She also claims that he's been trying to keep track of her by contacting people close to her and asking them about her location

"There's a lot I've been through with him and his actions now are embarrassing," she says. "If he wanted to be with me, he had the opportunity, but instead he missed his chance."

She adds that he's been "saying lies about me, my parenting and other slanderous things."

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran on Vacation

"He doesn't get along with anyone in my work, my friends, my family and I'm tired of helping him while I get treated horribly."

"Like every other ex," she says, "he's in the past now."

Simon, meanwhile, has referred to Farrah's new story as "fake news," and that "I've clearly moved on and she's bitter."

As usual, it's hard to figure out who's telling the truth here,

But still, what a fun mess, right?

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