Kourtney Kardashian Under Fire for Nearly Nude Photo!

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Kourtney Kardashian has had a lot on her plate lately.

A reality show, a new boyfriend, three kids, the father of her three kids who happens to be in the middle of a major meltdown ... it must be a lot to handle.

Underboob Showing!

But still, despite everything that's going on in her life, Kourtney still finds time for herself.

And when you're a Kardashian, time for yourself means time for your ass.

She's been a little racier than usual lately, sharing all sorts of bikini shots from all sorts of exotic locations, but she especially shocked us with this new photo.

In this one, instead of showing off her phenomenally hot body, she's focusing on her phenomenally hot ass -- in a gold thong, no less.

Kourtney Flaunts Her ... Assets

And while several people appreciated the photo, many others did not.

Over on Instagram, the comments on the photo were full of hate and shade and shame and all sorts of bad things.

Seriously, you'd think she shared a photo of herself kicking a puppy instead of a photo of her own God-given gifts.

"Slutting around while babysitters watch your kids," one person wrote. "That's the Kartrashian way."

Another asked "When did she turn into such a hooker?"

Kourtney Kardashian Thong Bikini

One of her followers managed to bring Kourtney's daughter into this while slamming multiple family members at the same time, saying "See Penelope -- this is how you pay the bills in this family. How long till she's dating Tyga?"

Speaking of her daughter, a concerned Instagrammer advised her "I think you should focus a little more on ur kids and a little less on your ass."

A particularly spiritual person told her "Kourt, Jesus doesn't want you displaying yourself this way, I know you are looking for attention but there is better ways of getting the right kind of attention."

"Be classy, be a women of high value and respect. The only attention that really matters is the attention of the one above, and this makes him sad."

Kourtney Kardashian and Her Butt

And, if you can believe it, many people also compared her recent behavior to Scott Disick's.

Those people are saying that while Scott's off with a variety of hot young things, she's doing the same thing with Younes Bendjima, who's 24 years old -- she's 38.

Scott has been in Cannes partying without his children, but so has Kourtney -- so according to these naysayers, Kourtney is just as bad as he is.

However, while Kourtney is certainly feeling herself lately, and while she's been having fun with a younger guy, it's important to remember she's nowhere near Scott's level.

Kourtney Kardashian Belfie Alert!

You can't compare thongs to alcohol-induced breakdowns. You just can't.

Honestly, if Kourtney is proud of her body, then why shouldn't she show it off?

You might think she should spend more time at home, or that she should be more cautious of the things she shares with the public, and that's fine.

But she's happy, healthy, and a remarkably better parent than Scott is right now.

So let's just enjoy it.

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