Corinne Olympios: Coming to Bachelor in Paradise!

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Anybody else grow up with a fascination for villains? Disney villains or supervillains or whatever, they were just so much more interesting than their primary-color-wearing white bread opponents.

And while that might not prepare anyone for real life -- like, dictators and serial killers tend to be pretty gross -- it definitely holds true for reality television. 

Which is why you kind of can't help but be excited by news of Bachelor Villain Corinne Olympios showing up on Bachelor In Paradise.

Corinne Olympios in a Bikini Pic

Everything about Corinne is just so over-the-top.

-One time on The Bachelor she just took off her top to get Nick Viall's attention ... while on a group date

-Her "Make America Corinne Again" line; finally a slogan that we can all get behind

-She allegedly hooked up with Nick in secret, like you do

-She gave herself a whipped cream bikini because that's what living your best life is all about

Corinne Gets the Rose

Okay, so, Corinne didn't win her season of The Bachelor. She came in fourth.

But reality television is a big believer in reincarnation, which is why Bachelor In Paradise exists.

And Corinne Olympios is coming to Bachelor In Paradise, because sometimes this world makes sense and rewards us.

Everyone's excited. 

Corinne's presence guarantees interesting television.

And more than a bit of chaos.

Corinne: Bachelor Bikini Photo

So, Bachelor In Paradise is a big second chance for contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Following in the footsteps of Bachelor Pad after that show's cancelation, Bachelor In Paradise brings in men and women who get to choose each other.

But they're never brought in even numbers, and new people are added in each episode, meaning that a couple of people are going home in disappointment at the end of every episode.

And this season, all of the contestants are going to have Corinne and her ... let's call it "unique temperament" ... to contend with. 

Corinne Olympios Instagram Photo

It's hard to say exactly what's going to happen on this season. Corinne makes for great television, but the producers don't quite control everything.

Any contestants who know where their bread is buttered, however, are going to want to keep her around. Even if they don't genuinely like her, they should know that her must-watch antics will be good for all of them.

It's entirely possible that some of her fellow contestants will want her off regardless. She's kind of, um, hard to ignore.

We can't wait to see how it all works out.

Sometimes reality television lives up to its promises.

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