Rob Kardashian Fat-Shames Daughter, Horrifies the Internet

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Rob Kardashian has lost Blac Chyna.

This seems to finally be the actual case, as the contentious couple split up earlier this spring and all signs point to this time being the final time.

We doubt they'll get back together at this point.

A Rob Kardashian Selfie

But has Rob Kardashian also lost his mind?

That's a question many Instagram followers are wondering after the reality star appeared to mock his very young child as overweight in his latest photo of little Dream Kardashian.

This precious bundle of joy was born to Chyna and Rob back in November.

The stars were a romantic item at the time and both have shared an endless array of cute Dream pictures ever since.

On Monday evening, Kardashian gave his nine million followers their latest glimpse at his only cute tiny girl, posting the following image of her legs on his social media account:

Dream Kardashian's Legs

How totally precious and perfect, right?

Not according to Rob, no.

"My chunky lady LOL," the often-controversial star wrote as a caption, stunning many on the Internet who were taken aback by Rob calling out little Dream for her not-so-little legs.

Do plenty of parents joke around about their kids being fat? Do most parents even take pride in how large their children are, bragging to friends on Facebook about the high percentile in which their son or daughter falls?


But, to put it bluntly, Rob has a history of being fat.

He has been diagnosed with Diabetes and his weight is a legitimate health issue, with Rob having tipped the scale at well over 300 pounds in the past.

So it's not exactly the best form for him to be ragging on his daughter's "chunk," even if he's simply trying to be cute or funny.

Rob Kardashian and Daughter Dream

It also doesn't help that a recent report alleged Kardashian has been acting as an irresponsible father.

Blac Chyna is supposedly mad at Rob for failing to pay child support and is thinking about taking him to court.

“She has evidence of him partying around [Dream], calling her names, and grappling her when they’ve gotten into fights," a source tells Radar Online, adding:

"Chyna’s got the proof! She has told him he cannot be alone with the baby. She doesn’t trust him."


This is yet another reason why Rob simply has to be extra careful.

If he doesn't want Blac Chyna to be awarded full custody of their daughter, he should make sure nothing he says or does can be misinterpreted as a sign of poor parenting.

We actually think Rob has been showing positive signs of turning his life around ever since becoming a father.

And we'd hate to see that get all messed up over a simple social media joke.

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